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The Dangers Of Mixing Marijuana And Cocaine

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Two of the most often used recreational drugs are cocaine and marijuana. It is not unusual for a person who is using cocaine to also be using marijuana recreationally. Combining the two is also not unheard of.

Many reasons are given as to why people mix cocaine and weed. Some individuals believe the two substances counteract, or eliminate, the negative effects of the drugs. Others think that the combination of weed and cocaine actually improves the ‘high’.

The reality is that pairing cocaine and weed together can result in serious side effects, and place the person at a higher risk of overdose. It is never recommended to mix marijuana and cocaine.

Marijuana And Cocaine

Cocaine is derived from the coca plant, and is classified as a stimulant. A cocaine ‘high’ results in euphoria, good feelings, positive mood and increase in confidence. Cocaine use also elevates the heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. Anxiety and paranoia may also occur with cocaine use.

Marjuana, or weed, consists of dried leaves, flowers and buds of the Cannabis plant. The chemical in the plant that causes the ‘high’ is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a psychoactive substance that affects people in a variety of ways.

Some people report a depressant reaction to THC, a relaxing or calming effect. Others indicate a stimulant effect, noting elevated mood, euphoria, anxiety or increased heart beat. In addition, marijuana also has some mild hallucinogenic effects.

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Combining weed and cocaine is occurring for several reasons, the most common of them being:

  • assumption that euphoria will be intensified
  • expecting the depressant effects of marijuana to counter the stimulant effect of cocaine
  • coming down off cocaine will be easier due to the effects of marijuana

Meanwhile, there are several adverse effects and negative consequences of mixing cocaine and weed together.

Negative Effects Of Combining Marijuana And Cocaine

Decreasing the stimulant effects of cocaine with marijuana can result in an increased use of cocaine. Using larger amounts of cocaine consistently can result in cocaine dependence and addiction.

Both cocaine and weed can cause cardiovascular problems. A heart issue known as tachycardia is a side effect of both substances. Tachycardia can damage the heart muscle, cause heart attacks or blood clots, resulting in strokes. Combining weed and coke increases these risks.

Cocaine causes blood vessel constriction. When weed is mixed with cocaine, it prevents the blood vessels from constricting. Cocaine enters the blood system much faster this way, and can lead to accidental cocaine overdose.

Individuals with a cocaine addiction tend to experience more intense withdrawal symptoms if they are also using cannabis. Long term marijuana use often leads marijuana treatment and to rehospitalization for cocaine addiction or dependence.

Using cocaine and marijuana at the same time can result in increased levels of paranoia and anxiety, since these are the effects of both drugs on their own. It is never a safe or good idea to mix cocaine and weed.

Cocaine And Weed – In Closing

Mixing cocaine and weed is not a good idea, and can be fatal. Attempting to calm the negative effects of one drug with another can result in increased use and potential overdose.

The combination of weed and cocaine can cause cardiovascular damage, resulting in heart attacks, blood clots or stroke. Weed affects the availability of cocaine in the bloodstream, increasing risk for overdose.

Because marijuana blunts the effects of cocaine, an individual who mixes cocaine and weed are at more of a risk for developing an addiction, dependence or substance use disorder.

Overall, marijuana and cocaine should not be combined. The perceived positive effects are not so beneficial to outweigh the negative consequences. Mixing these two drugs is dangerous and should be avoided.