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Fend Off Addiction This Winter

Sipping cider by the fireplace among family feels warm and inviting during the winter, but the season isn’t a warm reality for everyone. Others feel the harsh frost that bites back in the form of depression as the cold winter goes on due to grief and/or seasonal affective disorder.

Scientists have some understanding of the way winter blues negatively impact the population. Researchers call this condition seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and it affects many people throughout winter. Without treatment for SAD, a person in addiction recovery is at risk of relapsing at higher rates than usual.

Winter brings shorter days, less sun, and colder weather. People with seasonal affective disorder often struggle during the winter months the same way people with depression struggle all year. If you struggle with addiction, these seasonal blues can increase the chances of relapsing. The holidays may bring back memories of happier times when things were simpler but can no longer come true because of estrangement from family.

A relapse prevention plan is an important part of recovery, and it’s important to be more prepared when the risks are higher. Fortunately, there are a variety of measures you can take to help offset the effect of the change in seasons and help prevent depression from worsening or a seasonal depression from taking hold. These steps often include finding a treatment program or continuing your current one.

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Keep Working Your Treatment Plan

The winter season is not the time to stray from your treatment program or stop taking medication. If you don’t have a treatment plan for your addiction, find a treatment center that can help you find the right path. Treatment and relapse prevention plans have never been a one-size-fits-all solution, and they shouldn’t be.

If you’re someone who shows signs of a returning addiction, it’s vital to remain committed to your treatment plan.

The winter is brutal, but it can feel worse if you’ve gone off of your medication. Personalized treatment is proven to help someone’s condition, but it can’t work with drastic changes in behavior. When someone stops taking medicine, it must be gradual or else the side effects of a risky decision can cause the body more harm than good. Your mood and recovery depend on your consistency and taking medication as prescribed by the doctor.

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Putting Off Treatment Prolongs Substance Use Issues

Addiction during the winter carries a weight that is too heavy to bear. The grips of substance use should not drain us of all we have, leaving us in crisis. Sometimes when we are in crisis, help isn’t always available. You won’t experience this problem at Vertava Health. Addiction doesn’t take a holiday, and neither do we.

Vertava Health is here to make the holidays stress-free and relaxing this year. Our individualized treatment offers the support needed during the holidays with customized care for each person. Our same-day admissions program is fast and easy to sign up for. It’s just a phone call away. Recovery doesn’t take a miracle, it takes a phone call. Contact us by visiting our website today to put a stop to addiction and start the holiday season off right.

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