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Introduction to a MAT Protocol

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Traditions aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to our ever-changing understanding of addiction, withdrawal, and relapse, a system that’s stuck in a traditional setting can be life-threatening to patients. As our understanding of addiction changes, so should the way we approach it.

MAT combined with traditional residential rehab is one such evidence-based method that can save lives.

How the MAT Protocol Aids in Treatment and Recovery

Many traditional treatment programs don’t use MAT protocols, but your patients would most likely benefit from an inpatient rehab center that does use a MAT protocol. This is a program that would keep patients in an inpatient facility and complete their path to recovery. With a reduced chance of relapse and overdose, the combination of a MAT protocol with a residential setting would be a step in the right direction.

Our programs combine medication, therapy, and other treatment components to ensure an individual is afforded the best possible chance for lasting recovery. The use of medication in the programs helps keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. Some addictions require a tapering method, meaning a person takes the medication in gradually decreasing amounts until such a time when they can stop the use of medication.

A Medication-Assisted Treatment Protocol Option at Vertava Health

Vertava Health is committed to delivering evidence-based treatment that actually works. We incorporate MAT protocols into traditional residential programming. Here is why: According to the Journal of Substance Use Treatment, abstinence-based treatment centers have a 43.7% relapse rate, while treatment centers that offer MAT protocols have a 20.7% relapse rate.

Do Your Patients Need MAT as Part of Their Treatment?

If your patients have severe addictions to opioids, they may benefit the most.
The central focus of our MAT program is helping people heal from addiction by providing them with everything they need in treatment — from a beautiful, remote environment at any one of our treatment locations to evidence-based therapies to unending support during and after treatment.
Questions about the MAT options and amenities offered through Vertava Health can be directed to the treatment specialists who are willing to answer any question you or your patients might have.

Choosing Vertava Health residential treatment program to treat addiction is a step toward living your best future. Contact us today at 844.470.0410