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Assurant Health Insurance Coverage For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

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Assurant Health Insurance And Rehabilitation

While applying for coverage through Assurant Health, it is important that patients are upfront. Assurant has a list of declinable conditions, which include drug addiction and alcoholism. If a candidate isn’t truthful on their application while buying a policy, Assurant has the right to deny them any form of coverage.

Each state has different substance use coverage, but if a patient has the CoreMed policy, Assurant might not cover rehab. If patients have the OneDeductible plan, however, it does cover rehab treatment for substance use. While Assurant does not offer any specific coverage for detox, it does offer preventive care.

Assurant Health Insurance And Length Of Addiction Treatment

The first step before a patient checks in to a rehab center is to make sure their policy covers their stay. While the OneDeductible plan by Assurant does cover luxury rehabs, patients are responsible for paying a deductible. The length of the patient’s stay and the cost of the private treatment center in question determine the exact cost of the deductible.

If making use of their insurance from Assurant Health, the patient is also required to have a coinsurance policy. This requires that they pay 50 percent of the total cost of the treatment after the deductible. There is no cap placed by Assurant on the duration of a patient’s stay.

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Assurant Health And Specialty Addiction Treatment

When a patient signs up for insurance through Assurant, they have to get on a network plan wherein they choose a rehabilitation center within their network. If they are confused about which covered center to choose, Assurant Health offers help from one of their trained representatives.

Assurant Health Insurance for Outpatient & Inpatient Addiction Treatment

The right type of insurance offers patients the choice between an outpatient and inpatient program. Each of these programs is popular with patients who would like to seek treatment for addiction, and a patient must choose the one that suits their needs the most.

Outpatient programs offer patients more freedom to live lives outside of their treatment programs, whereas inpatient treatment programs require them to have a live-in stay within a facility and focus on their rehabilitation.