Executive Leadership

Marjorie Pettingell

As Senior Vice President of Quality, Margie has oversight of the Clinical Quality department to ensure Vertava Health patients have access to a high-quality continuum of care. Her approach is quickly setting industry standards for clinical excellence using evidence-based care and state-of-the-art technology to support long-term SUD recovery and mental health that empowers patients to live out their best futures.


Margie oversees the compliance department and manages the clinical team, including over 270 licensed clinicians. She directs training efforts across all locations to ensure clinicians are applying the most current evidence-based treatment practices, research, and industry technology. Margie also leads efforts around Vertava Health’s certifications, allowing insurance providers to be confident that excellence in clinical care is provided at all Vertava Health locations. Importantly, Margie also ensures that Vertava Health practices are compliant with provider and government protocols.


With over 20 years of clinical experience, Margie has dedicated her career to helping others achieve mental health and freedom from addiction. Her passion for SUD treatment underpins her commitment to, and focus on, evidence-based treatment methods. She has extensive experience with implementing and managing behavioral health programs, both for private entities and governmental agencies. This unique blend of experience makes her particularly effective in providing guidance in clinical matters – from treatment modalities to compliance and certification.


Margie earned her Master’s in Social Work from Boston University and has called Massachusetts home ever since. When not working, she enjoys traveling with her partner, reading, and finding new rail trails.  She also enjoys helping colleagues, family and friends interpret their dreams.  Margie has a dream certificate from the International Association of Dream Studies.