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Gokce Sezgin

Live Out Your Best Future

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Executive Leadership


Gokce Sezgin

As part of her role in Vertava Health’s growth, Gokce’s (pronounced “go-chay”) main focus is to find new and more efficient ways to bring our full continuum of high-quality treatment and care services to more patients so that they can live out their best future. She manages our marketing, sales and admissions teams as an integrated growth engine. Knowing that none of this can happen without a strong patient experience taking place before, during and after treatment/care, she also makes sure that we always have a good understanding of evolving patient insights. This way, not only can we help more patients find and get high quality care, but we also can continue to be of service to them in their lifelong journey of recovery and mental health.


Throughout her 25-year career, Gokce has worked for both global multinationals and start-ups, managing businesses large and small in many different industries. As a seasoned expert in long-term innovation and strategy, brand development and growth, she is a believer in continuous development, no-fluff communications and breaking the invisible boundaries of “but we’ve always done it this way”. She takes pride in developing future business leaders both in the teams she manages at work, and as an Adjunct Instructor at Syracuse University’s online MBA program where she teaches marketing management, new product development and brand strategy, since 2015.


Gokce lives in New Jersey, has an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle (which holds the record for the longest time where Gokce has ever lived, with 9 years), believes in the inherent goodness of every single person, enjoys open and challenging conversations with her pre-teen son, and continues to work in her own ways toward a world that is more just, more equitable and more kind.