Cocaine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that is created from the Coca plant that grows primarily in South America. Cocaine has become one of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States.

The Coca plant was ingested by natives in South America for centuries. Cocaine started being extracted and used for medicinal purposes around the mid 1800’s.

Cocaine became illegal for recreational use in 1914 due to it’s addictive properties and negative consequences linked to cocaine use. Recreational use of cocaine erupted during the 1970’s, and another variety of cocaine appeared that began destroying communities, known as crack cocaine.

As a drug that has been abused for centuries, available in many forms, and abused in a variety of ways, cocaine has come to have several nicknames, slang terms or street names.

Common Slang Terms for Crack-Cocaine

While there are literally hundreds of nicknames for cocaine, some of the more commonly known slang terms include:

  • coke
  • snow
  • powder
  • blow
  • dust
  • bump
  • 8-ball
  • pearl
  • line
  • big C
  • Pearl

Common Nicknames For Crack

Crack cocaine is a variation of cocaine that is cheaper than cocaine, and a smokeable form of the drug. Crack cocaine can also be referred to as:

  • crack
  • rock
  • rock candy
  • candy
  • grit
  • dice
  • hail
  • sleet
  • ball
  • base
  • tornado
  • nuggets

Nicknames Based On Appearance

Cocaine is typically known as a white powdery substance, while crack cocaine is usually a hard white rock. These two forms have resulted in a number of nicknames over the years based solely on the appearance of the drug, including:

  • white powder
  • snowcones
  • icing
  • line
  • paradise white
  • Snow White
  • pearl
  • flake
  • Bernie flake
  • gold dust
  • haven dust
  • big bloke
  • crack
  • Dust

Terms From Cultural Influences

Cocaine has been glamorized by Hollywood, and considered an expensive drug. This connection to money and American culture has led to some nicknames for cocaine, which include:

  • California Cornflakes
  • stardust
  • pimp
  • movie star drug
  • kings habit
  • foo-foo
  • stardust
  • Florida snow
  • society high
  • all-American drug
  • star-spangled powder
  • double bubble
  • dream
  • seven up
  • gift of the sun god
  • late night
  • scorpion
  • studio fuel

References to Geographical Location

Many people believe that the quality of cocaine is dependent on where the cocaine came from. Creating nicknames that connect the drug to a specific country or location may actually increase the value of the cocaine, making it easier to sell for higher profit. Some of these names are:

  • Peruvian lady
  • Inca message
  • Burnese
  • Percia
  • Percio
  • Peruvian flake

Effects Of Cocaine Generated Slang Names

Many nicknames associated with cocaine are based off of how a person feels when they use cocaine. Cocaine induces a state of euphoria, and the following are just some of the nicknames that have occurred as a result:

  • big rush
  • happy dust
  • happy powder
  • happy trails
  • friskie powder
  • marching powder
  • nose candy
  • Paradise

Slang Based On Actual Names

Sometimes, drugs like cocaine are given names of actual people. This is done in order to speak about cocaine out in the open so that others are not aware. The list of nicknames used to conceal cocaine are as follows:

  • Scottie
  • Schmeck
  • Merk
  • Mujer
  • Lady Snow
  • Henry VIII
  • Carrie
  • Choe
  • Cecil
  • Bernie
  • Billie Hoke
  • Her
  • Jejo
  • Angie
  • Aunt Nora

Nicknames That Sound Like Cocaine

In the spirit of simplicity, sometimes the slang terms for cocaine are simply a play on the word cocaine. These are just some of the nicknames for cocaine:

  • “C”
  • big C
  • coconut
  • mama coca
  • lady caine
  • cola
  • c-game

Street Names That Deceive

Some nicknames for cocaine are intentionally deceptive, an attempt to conceal the true nature of a conversation that could be overheard. These names may include:

  • base
  • jelly
  • mosquitos
  • monster
  • yesco
  • yesca
  • cholly
  • esnortiar
  • teenager
  • came
  • beam
  • carnie
  • el perico
  • tardust
  • zambi
  • combol

Nicknames For Crack Combined With Other Drugs

Cocaine has been known to be mixed with other drugs of abuse, like heroin, marijuana, PCP, ecstasy, meth and LSD. These cocaine combinations have their own nicknames, such as:

  • marijuana & PCP – wicky
  • ecstacy or other hallucinogens – candy flipping, bumping up
  • PCP – dusty road, spaceball
  • heroin – Belushi, one and one, snowball, speedball, whiz bang or H&C
  • tobacco & heroin – flamethrowers

Help and Treatment For Drug Addiction

Often a person addicted to cocaine becomes secretive and deceptive. Understanding and being aware of the nicknames and slang terms for cocaine and crack cocaine may help a loved one when they are trying to help someone struggling with addiction.

Cocaine is highly addictive and individuals addicted to cocaine will benefit from a substance abuse treatment program when they decide to stop abusing cocaine. Being aware of treatment options for cocaine addiction can help future decision making.

Reach out to our specialists today so we can provide information and help you take the next step toward sobriety.