While Native Americans make up only a small part of the U.S. population, this racial group experiences addiction rates at a much higher percentage than other ethnicities. Native Americans are more susceptible to violence, mental health disorders, and other negative environmental factors. These factors, coupled with the group’s past historical trauma, contribute to the risk of addiction among Native Americans.

People who identify as Native Americans are more likely to report substance abuse in the past year than any other ethnicity in the country. Young Native Americans are at the highest risk of substance use disorders, with an estimated 20 percent reporting having an alcohol addiction. Additionally, nearly 24 percent of Native Americans ages 12 to 20 admit to binge drinking.

Due to cultural and spiritual beliefs as well as the unique background of this demographic, special considerations must be taken in the treatment of substance use disorders in Native Americans. Luckily, there are several options available for Native Americans, including the treatment programs offered by Vertava Health.

Treatment Considerations In Alcohol And Drug Rehab Programs For Native Americans

There are several things to consider when it comes to alcohol and drug rehab programs that cater to the unique needs of Native Americans. Many Native Americans do not have access to treatment programs due to the location of their communities. Additionally, many members of this racial group lack medical insurance or the means to pay for addiction programs, making it difficult for them to get the help they need and deserve.

Additionally, each Native American tribe has different beliefs and cultural norms that must be taken into consideration. Different spiritualities, addiction patterns, and levels of trust in Western medicine can all affect the success a person has in a treatment program. Specialized addiction programs for Native Americans must take all of these factors into account to provide a comprehensive and effective plan of recovery for this population.

Many treatment facilities that offer programs for Native Americans combine both more traditional treatment methods with native teachings. The Indian Health Service (IHS) found that the most successful Native American treatment programs blend the traditional teachings of 12-step groups with the medicine wheel. The more culturally relevant a treatment program is to Native Americans, the more likely they are to feel comfortable in treatment and successfully complete a rehab program.

Benefits Of Alcohol And Drug Rehab Programs For Native Americans

Attending an addiction treatment program specifically for Native Americans can provide a number of benefits. To begin, drug and alcohol rehab programs for Native Americans provide a comfortable and safe environment for members of this community to heal from a substance use disorder. The safer a person feels in treatment, the more likely he or she is to successfully complete the program.

Additional benefits that a Native American-specific rehab program can provide include:

  • increased cultural sensitivity
  • treatment options that cater to the American Native culture and spiritual beliefs
  • the chance to form bonds with other Native Americans experiencing addiction
  • traditional Native American healing approaches

The more tailored a treatment program is to the needs of Native Americans, the more likely a person will feel at ease and comfortable in the program. This can increase success rates and encourage long-term sobriety among the Native American community.

Types Of Treatment Offered In An Alcohol And Drug Rehab For Native American Communities

Addiction researchers have developed a number of strategies to meet the needs of Native Americans in recovery. These strategies most often include combining traditional Native American holistic approaches with Western medicine and evidence-based addiction therapies.

Types of treatment that may be provided during an alcohol and drug rehab program for Native Americans include:

  • traditional Native American approaches that may include art circles, meditation, and sun dances
  • traditional healing techniques used in Native American communities
  • traditional medicine wheel practices
  • introduction to 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • behavioral therapies that may include cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing
  • medication management
  • individual and group counseling

No single addiction treatment method will work for everyone. Many treatment facilities offer a variety of treatment options and customize each person’s plan of recovery to suit his or her specific needs.

Finding An Alcohol And Drug Rehab Program For Native American Communities

If you are a Native American and are struggling with a substance use disorder, seeking treatment is the best decision you can make. There are several options available when it comes to addiction treatment, and some rehab facilities offer programs specifically for Native Americans.

To learn more about alcohol and drug rehab programs for Native Americans, contact a Vertava Health treatment specialist today.