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Dual Diagnosis: Addictive Personality Disorder And Addiction

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What Is Addictive Personality Disorder?

So what all does this entail? In layman terms it defines people who don’t understand that too much of a good thing can be bad. It’s having an out of control habit that you cannot say no to. It’s those people who say, why have just one when you can have twenty? It’s the line between use and use. And it affects 10%-15% of the population. These factors are biological and inheritable and not your fault.

Having an addictive personality doesn’t necessarily mean that you are just addicted to drugs or other substances either. It can mean that you are addicted to cooking, and your obsession never lets you leave the kitchen. It can mean that you are addicted to shopping, and you slowly drain your bank account over the years as you buy more and more stuff. Or it can mean what people typically assume it means; you’re addicted to drugs and you keep taking them and taking them until you destroy your life.

What Can You Do To Overcome Co Occuring Disorders?

If you have Addictive Personality Disorder, your challenges may be greater in battling drug or alcohol addiction. But as many others with the same diagnosis have discovered, the right rehab can make all the difference. Recovery is possible. Thus, finding an inpatient rehab that fits your addiction needs is often the best choice.

By removing yourself from your normal environment, you are taking away many of the people or places that can cause temptation. Here, you will not have access to drugs and will undergo detoxification, and you will be unable to convince yourself to just have a little recreationally, as it is a clean campus.

Once clean, therapy and counseling are the best routes to staying sober. Having a psychologist listen to your struggles and problems can help you get some clarity, advice, and an unbiased viewpoint on your situation. It is also wise to surround yourself with supportive friends and family members who love and care about you. Eliminate negative or harmful friendships that may direct you towards relapse.

Questions About Treatment?

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If you’ve taken the big step and quit your addiction, congratulations! If drugs or alcohol are your vice, you should stay away from their permanently because with addictive personality, it is very easy for the person to convince themselves that they are just going to smoke one joint recreationally or take one shot socially. Unfortunately, that one hit turns into more as they begin to convince themselves that more must be better.

That’s why you shouldn’t choose to face your journey alone. If you aren’t already, try seeking out professional counseling. They can help you work through past traumas and help you understand why you are the way you are. Whether its individual or group therapy, counseling can offer tremendous amounts of support and give you that extra nudge to not give up.

Other Steps To Avoid Addiction

With Addictive Personality Disorder it is important to keep yourself busy. Boredom is often a cause for relapse and can be avoided if your time is filled up. However, be careful when attempting to solve your addiction problems that you don’t just pick another addiction up in the process. For example, those on the road to recovery for alcoholism may turn to food for their comfort on a bad day, effectively substituting one addiction for another.

Other substitute addictions may be gambling, smoking cigarettes, shopping, sex, and the internet. Be wary that you don’t start investing too much of your time and thoughts on one of these things, or else you may wind up with another addiction.

Get Help At With Dual Diagnosis and on the path to Recovery

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