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60-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment

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Drug and alcohol addiction can negatively affect every part of a person’s life. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, there’s a good chance that you will benefit from a rehab program. There are several different treatment options for addiction, including 60-day inpatient rehab programs. Many Vertava Health’ treatment facilities offer 60-day programs for those looking to overcome addiction and start a new life in recovery.

What Is A 60-Day Drug And Alcohol Treatment Program?

Drug and alcohol programs typically last 30, 60, or 90 days or longer if needed. A 60-day inpatient program is when a patient resides at the treatment facility for two months and undergoes daily intensive addiction treatment.

Sixty-day drug and alcohol rehab programs typically provide similar therapies and treatment methods that 30- and 90-day programs offer. This treatment length is often recommended for individuals who need longer than 30 days in a rehab facility. Enrolling in a 60-day program gives patients an extended period of time in a recovery-oriented environment and allows them to learn and practice coping skills to maintain sobriety.

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What Types Of Treatment Are Offered During A 60-Day Rehab Program?

Most 60-day treatment programs offer customized plans for recovery for each patient. This means that each person will receive therapies and counseling that meets his or her unique needs and condition. Vertava Health’ relies on several evidence-based treatment approaches to offer a comprehensive 60-day drug and alcohol program.

The following are different types of treatment that may be offered in a 60-day rehab program:

  • Medically Monitored Detox — Most individuals will begin their addiction treatment with a medically supervised detox program. Vertava Health’ offers detox services at several of our inpatient treatment facilities. During a detox program, patients will safely and comfortably withdraw from substances. Medications may be administered to make the withdrawal process more comfortable and to reduce cravings.
  • Recovery Plan Development — After the intake process is complete, individuals will meet with a program clinician to develop a recovery plan that is unique to them. The recovery plan will include therapies, counseling, aftercare plans, and other things that will promote a successful treatment experience.
  • Therapy — Various forms of therapy are often part of a comprehensive program of recovery. These types of therapy may include behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as alternative therapies like yoga and art therapy.
  • Counseling — A patient will partake in numerous counseling sessions throughout the duration of a 60-day treatment program. Family, group, and individual counseling are the most common forms of counseling offered.
  • Relapse Prevention — As part of a 60-day treatment program, individuals will learn various techniques and coping mechanisms to deal with cravings and triggers.
  • Aftercare Planning — Treatment programs should not be the only type of treatment a person participates in for long-term sobriety. Many individuals will need to continue with therapy and other types of treatment once an inpatient program is complete. During a 60-day program, patients will work with their counselors to develop an aftercare plan that may include sober living and committing to attending support groups.
  • Support GroupsVertava Health’ treatment facilities often incorporate support groups like 12-step meetings into their addiction programs. This helps patients get acquainted with support groups and how these groups can promote long-term sobriety.

While each rehab facility will vary in the treatment methods offered, most will provide variations of the previously mentioned types of treatment. If you are unsure of what a particular rehab facility offers in terms of treatment methods, contact the center ahead of time to get a better understanding of what to expect.

Is A 60-Day Addiction Treatment Program Right For Me?

There are several benefits that a 60-day alcohol and drug rehab program can offer. To begin, a two-month-long rehab program gives patients an extended period of time to focus on recovery. Some people find that shorter treatment programs aren’t as effective as 60-day or longer programs.

Additionally, a 60-day addiction program gives patients ample opportunity to learn and practice healthy coping mechanisms. Many people can build new habits within a two-month period, enabling them to take home these new habits and use them in day-to-day life.

Sixty-day programs can also offer patients the chance to build lasting relationships with other people in recovery. Having a strong support group that values your sobriety is important in staying sober in the long run.

While 60-day rehab programs certainly offer a number of benefits, they aren’t for everyone. People who cannot take an extended period of time off from work or school may not be able to attend a 60-day program. Additionally, 60-day treatment programs tend to cost more than shorter programs, and not all insurance companies provide coverage for this period of time.

A Typical Day At A 60-Day Drug And Alcohol Addiction Program

Sixty-day treatment programs such as those offered by Vertava Health provide daily schedules that are highly structured. This allows patients to fall into a routine and promotes healthy and productive habits.

A typical day in a 60-day treatment facility may include:

  • breakfast
  • personal time
  • group or individual therapy
  • lunch
  • free time
  • additional therapy sessions
  • alternative therapy like yoga or art therapy
  • dinner
  • participation in support groups like AA or NA
  • free time
  • lights out

Patients can expect each day in a treatment program to be similar. The exact schedule a patient will have will depend on his or her unique needs.

Finding A 60-Day Alcohol And Drug Treatment Program

Vertava Health offers 60-day treatment programs for those looking to overcome a substance use disorder. All of our programs are customized to each individual to ensure that every patient’s needs are met. Our rehab facilities offer a variety of treatment methods for a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery.

To learn more about 60-day drug and alcohol addiction programs, contact Vertava Health’ treatment specialist today.