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Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage

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Most health insurance policies cover substance use rehabilitation. However, the extent to which your coverage extends will depend upon several factors, including your insurance provider and the treatment provider you have.

If you are wondering about the insurance coverage you can use at Vertava Health, you can access a full list of in-network providers on our insurance page. Aetna insurance is among the insurances we accept. To learn more about Aetna rehab insurance coverage, our services, and more, give us a call at 844.470.0410.

Aetna Rehab Insurance Provider

There are a few separate plans under the umbrella of Aetna rehab insurance coverage. Here are the three general categories of plans and the amount of coverage they offer:

Open-Access Plans

With an open-access plan, you get to choose your provider. You won’t even need to obtain a referral from your primary care physician before seeking treatment in many cases. If this applies to you, you may contact Vertava Health directly to arrange a consultation.

Copay-Only Plans

With a copay-only plan, you only provide a copay to get the treatment you need after you hit your deductible. Even before you hit your deductible, certain aspects of your healthcare, like generic medications or visits with a primary care provider, will likely be covered.

High-Deductible Plans

A high-deductible plan is a great option if you want access to a health savings account. With this type of coverage, you have access to preventative services even before the deductible is met.

Not sure whether your plan will cover the services you need? Speak with your treatment provider, who can verify coverage with your insurer.

Does Aetna Insurance Cover All Types of Addiction Recovery?

Health insurance policies will often cover some services related to substance addiction, including substances like:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine and meth
  • Heroinaetna rehab insurance coverage
  • Suboxone
  • Other drugs

To learn more about the types of rehab covered by your insurance, you should contact Aetna directly. Depending on your specific coverage and the rehab program, Aetna may pay for some or all of your treatment.

What If I Don’t Have Aetna Insurance?

If you do not have Aetna insurance, it does not mean you aren’t eligible for treatment. At Vertava Health, our care providers accept coverage from a wide array of insurance providers. To view a complete list of coverage that we accept, contact our team today to talk to one of our admissions professionals.

We also accept private payment plans. If you’re concerned about paying for rehab, our compassionate care team can help you to explore all of your options so that you can get the treatment you need in a timely manner.

Allow Vertava Health to Assist You with Insurance

It is so important to us that you get the help you need and deserve. Insurance can be complex and intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of our admissions professionals, it is possible to find easy and straightforward answers. Our experienced providers will make the experience a breeze. We want you to have the support and resources needed to overcome your addiction. Insurance support services are one way that we do just that. Whether you work with an Aetna rehab insurance provider or have coverage through another provider, we are here to help.

Paying for rehab can sometimes be a sensitive subject. However, it shouldn’t be the factor that keeps you from finding substance use treatment. If you want to learn more about how your insurance provider and Vertava Health may support you through the process, give us a call at 844.470.0410. We will work with you and ensure that you have the answers that you need.