We Treat Drug Addiction From The Inside Out.

Our approach to drug and alcohol rehab and recovery is simple. We meet the addict where they are. When someone calls us, we know that they need some level of treatment. We also know that every person’s experience is different and unique to them. This is why we perform a detailed clinical assessment of each client, determine the right course of action for addiction treatment, and provide all levels of care at our campuses. We tell people to beware of the treatment center that employs a “one size fits all,” approach.

All too often this is unfortunately a way to get people into expensive treatment programs that aren’t necessarily in their best interests. When we interview our clients we ask specific questions about drugs and alcohol usage, lifestyle, and medical care. We also ask questions about family, employment and financial situations. This discovery process helps us determine exactly what program will be right for the client.

Our job is to get them into the right treatment campus, not just any treatment facility.

Addiction Professionals With Decades Of Experience And A Personal Approach.

We have space to breathe, we have medical doctors, we have licensed therapists, we have dialectical behavior training, we have biblical recovery pastors, we have Addiction Treatment And Therapyindividualized programming and classes on drug and alcohol addiction, how to beat drug and alcohol addiction and also courses on life skills, trusting again and educational curricula. We have everything an individual would need to beat addiction and get their life and family back.

Just like cancer is an illness you would want to treat with the best facilities and treatment options, so is the disease of addiction. Just as there many diabetes specialists out there to help manage that disease, you want the very best for yours. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is no different from diabetes and cancer.  To heal you need to find the best place for you.  Our addiction campuses are that place.

24 / 7 Addiction Recovery Support Hotline: 1-888-614-2251