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Drug and Alcohol Intervention

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“Hitting bottom” is synonymous with addiction. It has been long believed that only when addicted individuals hit their absolute lowest point will their eyes finally be opened to the hope of recovery. Chemical dependence clouds the brain, making it increasingly difficult to think rationally, even when a bottom is hit. Additionally, family members, friends, and peers tend to enable substance users, which continues and prolongs the cycle of addiction so the bottom cannot even be reached.

This is why it is important to raise the bottom for people in need – to reach the bottom faster and create a stronger and more efficient support network. Often times an intervention is needed to help confront someone with their alcohol addiction, illegal drug addiction, and prescription drug addiction.

What Is An Intervention?

An intervention is a coordinated effort between family and loved ones, friends or peers where a trained interventionist leads the meeting and provides guidance and mediation. The goal of an intervention is to initiate treatment by persuading an addicted individual to make the decision to seek help.

When You Talk To A Struggling Addict About Your Concerns For His Or Her Health Do They:

  • Become defensive and aggressive
  • Blame you for making things up
  • Lie about things you know to be true
  • Threaten to run away
  • Threaten suicide
  • Find ways to turn the conversation back to you
  • Blame you for their addiction
  • Deny, deny, deny

These are typical responses to confrontation of an addict. If you are getting these types of responses, it’s time to call in a professional interventionist. Interventions are most effective when conducted by a caring, experienced person who works to establish a deeper understanding of addiction using a non-judgmental approach.

Learn More About Substance Use Interventions

At Vertava Health we have established relationships with high qualified substance use interventionists we trust.  It is our job to work with you to determine where an individual struggling with substance use is on the addiction spectrum and determine what kind of intervention he or she may need. Then, we work with our intervention partners to coordinate an intervention and get them into addiction treatment and on the road to full recovery.

24 / 7 Intervention Support Hotline: 1-844-470-0410