Addiction Treatment Services Tailored To Your Specific Needs

At Addiction Campuses we know that the time to heal begins the very second you pick up the phone to call. Our treatment specialists have the decades of experience along with the necessary educational and professional backgrounds to quickly assess and place you into the proper drug and/or alcohol rehab program by meeting you exactly where you are on the addiction spectrum. Clinical assessments and insurance verification are absolutely free. Our goal is to get you better, today. We can also help if you are seeking treatment for a family member or friend, or on behalf of an employee, client or patient. Our drug addiction treatment services include:

24 / 7 Drug Addiction Treatment Hotline: 1-888-614-2251

Addiction Treatment Is About Getting Sober. Recovery Is About Staying Sober For Life. Addiction Campuses Helps With Both.

Our campus model treats the person struggling with addiction to help them to recover and stay sober for the long term. We have a specific treatment methodology wherein we address issues of addiction using a three-pronged approach:

  • First, we treat the physical addiction. Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects the physiological make-up of the human body and brain. It is important that an addict is assessed for his or her physical addiction to the drug to determine how he or she will react to having the drug taken away. For many, opiates (heroin, pain killers) and alcohol abuse mean there is a severe physical addiction that will require medical detoxification of the system as a first step in treatment and recovery. We have individualized treatment programs to address alcohol addiction, illegal drug addiction, and prescription drug addiction.
  • Second, we look closely at the mental state of our client. Because they have been relying on drugs and alcohol to maintain a mental state of deadness, it is important once this veil of addiction has been lifted – that a trained therapist begin an assessment. Discovering the underlying mental issues of addiction can be emotionally painful and draining.  It can also be enlightening and freeing for a client. Uncovering the raw feelings and experiences helps determine what mental health disorders may have already been present or may have arisen due to the addiction. Our therapists use specific cognitive therapies like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help clients learn how to live in their new minds and bodies as they move into recovery.
  • Third, we believe strongly that a spiritual component is key for long term addiction recovery. We teach our clients how spirituality can provide much-needed love, forgiveness, and security in their new lives. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found that 79 percent of Americans believe that faith is able to help addicted people recover from their addictions. The study also found that recovered individuals, defined as individuals who are sober for over two years, had greater levels of faith than those who fell into relapse after completing an addiction recovery program. These statistics show that the combination of spiritual faith and recovery is effective. We work with our clients to help them understand how spirituality can release them of their burden and give them back the life they deserve to live.

Continuum Of Care Means Full Recovery Is Possible

Providing a continuum of care means we give our clients the chance to succeed based on their individual needs. Clients can rely on us for all levels of care including medical detox, residential addiction treatment, outpatient addiction treatment as well as Sober Living and Transitional Living.  We regularly monitor and assess our clients to ensure that they are in the proper level of care based on their needs at the time. If we find that a patient needs a higher level of care – we can provide that for them. If we find that a patient is progressing positively through the program, they may be moved to the level of care that’s appropriate.

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Our Leaders Have Decades Upon Decades Of Addiction Treatment Experience, But More Importantly? They Care.

Our campuses are designed so that each member of the staff knows about each client that is admitted. We have daily and weekly meetings with all of our clinical staff and our therapists, counselors and group leaders. In many larger treatment centers, this is not the case. Your loved one is typically admitted by one person, treated medically by another, and counseled by yet another. The president of the center does not know the name of your loved one. At Addiction Campuses, we pride ourselves on making sure each client has the best of the best treating them and working for them. This is how we know we can help them on the road to recovery.

Clients have an opportunity to participate in treatment that is right for them. We provide individualized programs that include:

Addiction Campuses also provides 15 to 50 acres of outdoor scenery for our clients to meditate, reflect and experience their fresh start. We don’t “do” cold white floors and fluorescent lighting.  We provide clients with the room they need to recover at our home away from home campus environments.

We want you to know that timeliness is absolutely critical and we are well aware of that. That’s why within in one hour of your call, you will know where you’re going to be and can finally begin your road to recovery.

24 / 7 Substance Abuse Support Hotline: 1-888-614-2251