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Rio Grande City, TX

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Addiction Treatment In Rio Grande City, TX

Given its proximity to Mexico and other points south, Rio Grande City has faced challenges with addiction for many years. Fortunately, these challenges have been acknowledged and today residents can tap into services such as inpatient treatment, sober-living homes, outpatient care, peer support, and other recovery support services.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Ridding the body of substances is the first step on the road to recovery. While there is a definitive DIY streak in the United States, detoxification is a highly unpleasant and potentially dangerous step that is best undertaken with access to trained medical professionals. In some detox programs, medication is available to help ease the process.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

The residential or inpatient treatment option provides unprecedented access to an entire medical and therapeutic team that is fully devoted to ensuring recovery. Nutritious meals, opportunities for exercise, and yoga help to improve your mind and spirit, while evidence-based therapies provide life skills training, recovery support, and motivation to change your behavior.

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Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is less structured and typically offers fewer treatment sessions than residential care. However, you’ll still have access to evidence-based treatment options, high-quality therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and group workshops. Since you travel to and from the treatment center each week, make sure you have support at home.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Limited almost exclusively to those struggling with an addiction to alcohol or opioids, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) offers a three-pronged approach to recovery. FDA-approved medications, peer support, and counseling are combined to offer you a comprehensive, whole-person approach to alcohol or opioid use disorder.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Substance use disorder is a chronic condition that must be addressed and managed over your lifetime. Even after you complete inpatient or outpatient programming, aftercare and alumni services are still needed. Examples of aftercare services include 12-step meetings, peer mentorship, sober-living houses, and other support services.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

There is a wide range when it comes to the length of addiction treatment. This is fortunate because no one length of time is suitable for every person’s situation. Depending on your stage of recovery, programs may last 30, 60, or 90 days. When addiction is severe, you may find programs that last a year or longer.

How To Pay For Treatment

Paying for treatment should never be a reason for hesitation. While most people have some form of health insurance (private health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid), even those who do not have options. In some cases, a religious-based organization or community resources can be tapped to help you receive care.

Substance Use Trends In Rio Grande City And Starr County, Texas

The Rio Grande Valley is a major corridor for the entrance of cocaine that crosses over the southwest border into the United States.

Consider some facts from this region:

  • In 2017, the Rio Grande Valley corridor saw about 20 percent or 2,646 kilograms of cocaine move through it.
  • That same year, incidents involving cocaine in the Rio Grande Valley increased by 16.7 percent.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center

Located just outside Dallas, among the lush peacefulness of lakes and wooded areas, is Vertava Health Texas. A short flight from the McAllen-Miller International Airport into Dallas can take as little as 1.5 hours on a non-stop flight. Once at Vertava Health you’ll receive around-the-clock clinical and therapeutic care to address your recovery needs.

To learn more about how to access treatment at Vertava Health Texas, connect with a treatment specialist at Vertava Health today.