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Addiction Treatment In Huntsville, Texas

Professional addiction treatment can help you overcome your condition and get your life back on the right path. Because every individual has a different experience with addiction, it’s important to compare various programs and look for one that offers customized treatment.

Some of the addiction treatment options that may be available to you include inpatient programs, outpatient programs, detox services, and medication-assisted treatment.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Withdrawal is one of the most difficult phases of the recovery process. During withdrawal, you’ll experience uncomfortable symptoms as you detox. If you’re concerned about your comfort and safety during this time, you may need to enter a drug and alcohol detox program. The purpose of this program is to provide you with support to prevent complications and minimize symptoms.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient treatment offers a home-like environment where you can relax, eliminate external distractions, and focus all of your energy on the treatment process. These programs may use a variety of approaches to addiction recovery, from evidence-based treatments to alternative therapies. Peer interactions and counseling will be part of your structured daily schedule.

If you have a severe addiction or a co-occurring mental health problem, inpatient treatment is your best option.

Outpatient Treatment

If you think you may want fewer restrictions during treatment, you may opt for an outpatient program instead. These programs don’t require you to be admitted into the treatment facility. Instead, you’ll travel to the facility for each of your sessions. Outpatient treatment is recommended only if you have a strong support system and a solid commitment to recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

If you enroll in a medication-assisted treatment program, you’ll take an FDA-approved medication designed to help you deal with cravings so you have a better chance of recovery. These programs require you to participate in behavioral therapy or group counseling and are specifically designed to address addictions to opioids or alcohol.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

After you’ve completed your addiction treatment program and returned to society, you’ll still experience cravings. To reduce your risk of relapse and give yourself the best chance of staying sober, participating in aftercare services is recommended. Common aftercare services include access to community-sponsored programs, 12-step meetings, and sober-living housing.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

The length of addiction treatment varies based on several factors, including your preferences and the facility’s policies. Common program lengths range from 30 days to 90 days and up to one year. In general, it’s better to remain in treatment for a longer period to give yourself enough time to recover.

How To Pay For Treatment

Paying for addiction treatment can be a challenge. Most patients will submit claims to their health insurance company to cover the majority of the costs. However, even if you have health insurance, you may still owe a portion of the bill.

To pay for your part of the treatment expenses, you can use cash or credit. You may also be able to spread your portion over a payment plan. Grants, public assistance, and crowdsourcing are alternative options to make treatment more affordable.

Substance Use Trends In Huntsville And Walker County, Texas

Huntsville is part of Walker County, where there were more than 2,100 substance use treatment discharges in 2016. Other treatment facts from this area include:

  • The substance use treatment discharge rate in Walker County was more than 3,000 per 100,000 residents.
  • Walker County’s rate of substance use treatment is higher than the national and state averages.

These facts indicate that substance use is a serious problem in Huntsville and the surrounding area. If you or your loved one are struggling, seek treatment as soon as you’re able.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center

Located a little over 2 hours from Huntsville, Vertava Health Texas in Scurry, Texas is the closest Vertava Health treatment center for residents of this city.

Our facility provides comprehensive, customized addiction treatment services on an inpatient basis. The environment is designed to promote relaxation and healing. In addition, all of our programs are holistic in nature, addressing every aspect of your addiction.

Contact us today to learn more about Vertava Health and see if it’s right for you.