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Ennis, TX

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Addiction Treatment In Ennis, Texas

Addiction affects virtually every area of your life, but professional treatment can help. While in a professional treatment program, you’ll identify and address the factors that led to your addiction. You’ll also learn skills to help you stay sober after the program is complete.

If you’re interested in entering an addiction treatment program in Ennis, considering your options carefully is recommended. Keep in mind that, although treatment approaches vary, the best programs offer customized services to fit your needs.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Before you can enter a rehab program and start working on your recovery, you’ll need to go through withdrawal. Withdrawing from drugs, which typically takes several days, can be very uncomfortable and overwhelming. To get the support you need during this difficult time, you may choose to enroll in an alcohol or drug detox program.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment In Ennis, TX

For patients who want continuous supervision and support, inpatient treatment is usually the best choice. During inpatient treatment, you’ll live within the treatment facility and adhere to a schedule established by trained professionals.

These facilities may use a wide variety of approaches to addiction recovery, from medication-assisted treatment to acupuncture. You’ll likely participate in multiple types of treatment sessions. Inpatient treatment is ideal when addiction is severe or if you struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders.

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Outpatient Treatment

If you don’t want to move into a treatment facility full time, or if you have already completed an inpatient program, you may opt for outpatient treatment instead. Outpatient treatment programs vary according to their intensity, with the most intensive programs requiring nine or more hours of therapy each week. In general, outpatient care requires support from friends or family.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

A medication-assisted treatment program is a specialized program that uses medications approved by the FDA for the treatment of alcohol and opioid use disorders. These medications are used in combination with evidence-based behavioral therapies to maximize the chances of a full recovery.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

The purpose of aftercare and alumni services is to make sure you have all the support you need to stay sober after you have finished your treatment program and rejoined society. Some of the most common aftercare services include 12-step meetings, peer support, and transitional housing.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Short-term addiction treatment programs may last as little as 30 days. Long-term programs that last 90 days to a year or even more are also available. In general, stay in treatment for as long as you need to recover.

How To Pay For Treatment

Some patients have trouble paying for addiction treatment, as these services can be costly. Fortunately, a variety of options are available. Perhaps the most common method used to pay for treatment is private health insurance. Even with insurance, however, you may also have to pay for a portion of your treatment expenses out-of-pocket.

Substance Use Trends In Ennis And Ellis County, Texas

Ellis County, which contains Ennis, had a total of 3,277 community hospital discharges related to substance use treatment in 2016. Other facts from Ellis County include:

  • The rate of substance use discharge in Ellis County is approximately 1,900 per 100,000 residents.
  • The opioid prescription rate in Ellis County for 2016 was 74 per 100 residents.

Ellis County’s statistics indicate that all types of addiction are common in this area. If you’re ready to start recovery, don’t hesitate; reach out now.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center

As a resident of Ennis, you have easy access to Vertava Health Texas in Scurry,Texas, which is your closest Vertava Health treatment center. Our facility is only 20 minutes from your hometown, offering a convenient inpatient treatment option for anyone dealing with addiction in this area.

To find out how you can enroll in Vertava Health today, connect with a treatment specialist at Vertava Health.