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Clute, TX

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Addiction Treatment In Clute, TX

When you’re struggling with addiction, you’re unable to live your best life. The goal of addiction treatment is to help you put your life back on the right track. Every person deals with addiction differently, so it is important to look for a program that is customized to meet your needs.

Some of the options you may consider include medication-assisted treatment, evidence-based practices, and alternative therapies. You may also benefit from a program that uses a combination of these approaches.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Some patients struggle to enter professional addiction treatment because they’re concerned about withdrawal. Alcohol and drug detox programs exist to help you through the withdrawal process, keeping you as comfortable as possible. These programs also seek to minimize any risks to your health during withdrawal. Medication and medical supervision are included in detox programs.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

If you would feel more comfortable in a clinical or home-like setting during your treatment, inpatient programs are likely the best option. With inpatient treatment, your only job during the program is to recover from your addiction. These programs may offer a variety of treatment methods, and peer interactions are encouraged for added support.

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Inpatient treatment programs are ideal if you have a co-occurring mental health problem. Inpatient or residential treatment is also the best choice for anyone who has been through treatment before and relapsed more than once.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs are a less-intensive treatment option. Although these programs are not as restrictive and tend to cost less, they may also be less effective. In order for outpatient treatment to work, you’ll need reliable support from family or friends. The length of the program and the number of hours spent in treatment each week will vary as well.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs use a specialized approach to treatment. MAT programs use specific medications to help you deal with cravings and withdrawal associated with opioid or alcohol use. These medications are administered as part of a comprehensive program that includes other therapies as well.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Following your graduation from addiction treatment, you’ll return to society. However, you may continue to experience cravings or other temptations to relapse. For this reason, some addiction treatment centers offer aftercare and alumni services to support program graduates. Examples include sober houses, 12-step meetings, and access to community-sponsored resources.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Depending on your situation and the facility’s offerings, you may be in addiction treatment for as little as 30 days or for many months (90 days). Although it’s possible for some people to recover more quickly than others, you should never leave treatment before you’re ready. Always inquire about the length of the program before you enroll.

How To Pay For Treatment

When it comes to paying for addiction treatment, you have a number of options. Most patients submit claims to their health insurance company while in treatment. However, if your health insurance doesn’t cover all of your costs, the remainder will be your responsibility.

Substance Use Trends In Clute And Brazoria County, Texas

Clute is part of Brazoria County. Because Brazoria County has a relatively small population, specific information on overdose deaths is suppressed.

However, consider these facts:

  • The most recent opioid prescription rate in Brazoria County is 62.3 per 100 people.
  • Like most of Texas, Brazoria County has seen an increase in addiction and overdose in the past decade.

Fortunately for residents of Clute, this city is located close to multiple facilities dedicated to addiction treatment.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center

Located approximately 280 miles from Clute, Vertava Health Texas treatment center. Vertava Health serves both male and female patients, offering customized treatment programs that include a combination of both alternative and evidence-based options.

Our facility is designed to feel like home, offering a calming environment for your recovery. To enroll in treatment at Vertava Health, reach out to us today.