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Argyle, TX

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Addiction Treatment In Argyle, Texas

Each alcohol and drug rehab program has a unique philosophy and way of addressing this disease, and you’ll need to find one that meets your individual needs. From different treatment methods to different program lengths, you’ll likely find quite a bit of variety.

Addiction treatment follows a continuum of care. The process often starts with detox, then moves to inpatient or outpatient treatment and concludes with aftercare and ongoing support.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

For most people, detox is the first step in the addiction treatment journey. Detox programs provide an opportunity to go through withdrawal and all of its difficult side effects in a safe, supportive environment with medical interventions. These programs are often short-term inpatient detox options, but there are outpatient clinics available as well.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment In Argyle, TX

After detox, you’ll likely check into an inpatient treatment center. Also known as residential treatment, these centers combine therapeutic treatment with a residential community where access to drugs or alcohol is restricted. This strict supervision reduces the risk of relapse in your early days of treatment.

Inpatient treatment centers vary in both focus and duration. Some will have specific focuses, like gender-specific treatment or care for co-occurring mental health issues. They can also vary in length between short-term and long-term rehab programs.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment, which does not have a residential component, can also be an effective solution. However, it only works if you have a strong support system at home.

With an outpatient program, you continue living at home while traveling to and from your treatment center. Options for outpatient treatment include intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), standard outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization programs or day treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Certain FDA-approved prescription medications can specifically treat alcohol and opioid addiction as part of medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

MAT programs use medications alongside counseling or behavioral therapy to address cravings, dependence, and any underlying psychological concerns. Some medications used include buprenorphine, naltrexone, methadone, disulfiram, and acamprosate.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Addressing the disease of addiction is a lifelong process, and aftercare or alumni services provide ongoing support after you graduate from treatment. Services may include peer support groups, sober-living housing, outpatient counseling, 12-step meetings, and community support programs.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Each addiction treatment center will have its own length, and some will tailor the length of treatment to your needs. Longer programs tend to be more effective, but you will find a range of programs that last 30 days to one year or more. Treatment that lasts a minimum of 90 days is most effective.

How To Pay For Treatment

The first place to look for help paying for addiction treatment is with your health insurance. While you’ll likely still need to pay some out-of-pocket expenses, like your deductible, your health insurance may cover the majority of your treatment costs. If you do not have private health insurance, Medicaid is an option if you’re eligible.

Substance Use Trends In Argyle And Denton County, Texas

Argyle is an affluent Texas community, but drug and alcohol use is a disease that does not discriminate based on income or social status. Many within Denton County and the city of Argyle are affected:

  • In early 2018, the opioid prescribing rate in Denton County was 59 prescriptions per 100 people.
  • In 2017, 29 people died due to opioid overdose in Denton County

Though these rates are lower than national averages, they remain higher than the averages in the state of Texas. This indicates a continuing need for local treatment options.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center

Located 80 miles from Argyle, Vertava Health Texas in Scurry, Texas provides a peaceful retreat for addiction treatment. Using therapeutic and recreational techniques, our caring staff helps you come up with a personalized treatment plan to target your addiction and any underlying mental or psychological conditions.

Our physician-led program has a nearly 1-to-1 staff-to-client ratio for plenty of personal attention. For more information on how you can enroll in Vertava Health, contact us today.