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Alice, TX

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Addiction Treatment In Alice, TX

Addiction treatment programs vary widely as far as what services they include and how effective they are. The most effective rehab programs are ones that offer an individualized treatment plan. This plan should be based on your needs in terms of your substance use disorder and other factors, such as whether you need dual diagnosis care.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Before starting an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, you may want to consider going through an alcohol or drug detox program first. This detox program will provide you with medical supervision as you go through the withdrawal phase. Medication for easing withdrawal symptoms might also be available to you during the short-term program.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

For severe addiction, inpatient rehab involves staying at a facility throughout treatment and having 24-hour supervision. You’ll also receive support from professionals, such as therapists and nurses, as well as peers at a residential facility.

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Inpatient treatment centers offer varying clinical and therapeutic approaches, such as behavioral therapy, art therapy, addiction education classes, and relapse prevention. You may also have access to services that help improve your well-being in general, such as nutritional education and vocational training.

Outpatient Treatment

For mild to moderate addiction, outpatient care makes it possible for you to continue going to work and being surrounded by supportive family during treatment. During this program, you’ll visit a rehab center for behavioral counseling sessions, which can take place in groups or individually.

Different levels of care are available, which will affect how often you meet for treatment. This includes standard care, intensive care, and partial hospitalization programs (PHP).

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Addictions to opioids or alcohol can be severe and lead to dangerous consequences. With a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program, you’ll receive medical supervision, medication, and behavioral therapy. MAT programs offer medication to help reduce cravings and dependence. You’ll also attend behavioral therapy sessions in groups or in a one-on-one setting.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Completing an inpatient or outpatient treatment program doesn’t mean you’ll no longer have outside support. With alumni and aftercare services, you’ll continue to receive care that helps you stay sober and build a healthy lifestyle. These services may include access to sober-living housing, peer support services, community resources, and 12-step programs.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

How long you’ll be in a rehab program depends on your progress and other factors, such as how severe your condition is. Both inpatient and outpatient programs can vary widely in terms of length. Some places offer 30 days of treatment, while others provide treatment that lasts from 90 days to a year or more.

How To Pay For Treatment

Paying for addiction treatment usually means using coverage that’s part of a private health insurance plan. If you are covered by Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, or another private insurance company, read through your policy to check your coverage.

When you’re uninsured, there are other ways to cover the cost of treatment. Some facilities accept Medicare or Medicaid plans, while others offer sliding fee scales or access to recovery program vouchers that are grant-funded.

Substance Use Trends In Alice And Jim Wells County, Texas

Jim Wells County and Alice have experienced some issues with substance use during the last few years, including excessive drinking.

Facts from Jim Wells County include:

  • In 2016, roughly 16 percent of adults in Jim Wells County reported drinking excessively.
  • In 2017, Jim Wells County had a rate of 77.5 opioid prescriptions per 100 residents.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center

Vertava Health Texas, located roughly 400 miles from Alice, offers a wide range of treatment approaches for addiction.

Our campus is outside of Dallas in a beautiful setting with woods and lakes. We offer several services for recovery, including expressive therapies, behavioral therapy, adventure therapy, and wilderness therapy, as well as stress management and mindfulness programs.

For more information on Vertava Health, contact us today.