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Testimonials from Our Patients

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From Our Alumni at Turning Point:

Turning Point helped and provided the most unforgettable and life-saving opportunity. An opportunity to get clean and become the best version of my self!

– Katlynn D.

I am an example of the power of recovery that I received at Turning Point. I was scared to walk through the doors and admit that I couldn’t keep living the way I was, but I was received with love and compassion from every staff member I encountered.

– Nick W.

I have never seen a place love someone so much, even if they don’t love themselves. I have never seen a compassion for lives and souls like at Turning Point.

– Kimberly B.

I had a wonderful experience at Turning Point. I met a lot of new friends who could relate to my struggles and I grew a lot as a man. I learned skills that I can use in everyday life that will help me in my recovery and keep me sober for the rest of my life.

– Lance A.

This was an actual turning point in my journey of my life and the starting point in my recovery! Turning Point helped save my life.

– Jennifer S.

If it wasn’t for Turning Point, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m 3 months clean, I have found God and can handle life situations better than before. Turning Point has become my family.

– Alicia T.

The Turning Point staff pours themselves into each client’s recovery at every level. Meetings with upper management daily to see how they might improve your stay, a professional medical staff, and incredibly knowledgeable and caring team of therapists and recovery coaches that custom fit each client’s program.

– Colby M.

From Our Swift River Alumni:

Swift River taught me skills to address both addiction and mental illness. They have an amazing, caring staff, beautiful placement and the food was awesome. Basically the best thing that could have happened to me.

– Joshua R.

Swift River is amazing. The staff couldn’t have been more caring and compasionate. I was cared for by a group of professionals who went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable, safe, and had everything that I needed.

– Sara D.

Swift River has facilitated a monumental role in my recovery. The facility opened my eyes to my full potential, and today I am excelling and comfortable in my own skin.

– Kenny B.

Swift River has changed my life for the better and I now can be the clean and sober wife and mother my family deserves! I cannot thank them enough for the armor they have provided me with to battle this addiction.

– Corey D.

Swift River is the recovery community at its best. Immediately and consistently I connected with incredible people both among the clients and staff. I went from intense loneliness to feeling part of a great whole; one that loves, accepts, and above all understands the person I am and my experience.

– Nathaniel D.

Swift River gave me hope and a second chance to enjoy my life. It was better than just a rehab facility. The staff is absolutely amazing and the alumni are like family to me. Anyone who is struggling needs to consider Swift River because it completely turned my life around.

– Justin F.

From Our Alumni at The Bluffs:

I was completely astonished by how much love and support I received by my fellow residents and the staff. You can tell the staff cares about everyone and their recovery. I absolutely loved my experience and am thankful I had the opportunity to go to The Bluffs.

– Hannah F.

I would recommend The Bluffs to anyone struggling with addiction. It was the best decision I could have made. The food was great and I can never say enough about the staff, especially the medical team. It truly did seem like one big family, thanks to the love and support I received from everyone.

– Z. W.

I walked into the Bluffs with total fear because I had no idea what to expect. I literally was in awe when everyone from the staff, to the kitchen, to the med team, to the actual patients welcomed me with the biggest smiles and open arms. For the next 30 days, I woke up each morning with a smile because I knew I was getting the help I needed and was surrounded by some of the greatest individuals ever!

– Swapna M.

This place is absolutely amazing. I was welcomed with warm open arms and 30 days later, I left with many great tools to workwith including my sanity and sobriety. Thank you, Bluffs team for giving me a chance to actually succeed again in life.

– Wayne R.

The staff share recovery material with compassion and conviction. They allow you to awaken at your own pace, and share your experiences fully. Clients come together and support each other whole hearted. The feeling of loneliness was left at the door. If you are looking to make the changes in your life, I highly recommend The Bluffs; you will not regret your decision.

– Charles F.

The Bluffs has truly helped me change my life and get a head start on recovery. I finally love myself again.

– Jeremy H.

Every single staff member went above and beyond to make sure that my recovery was #1. They helped me fight off my demons, love myself, but also pull me along and lift me up when I needed help. Thank you, Bluffs!

– Lyndi W.

The Bluffs saved my life after at 15 year run with pills and being a dealer. I came out of there a brand new man with new goals and aspirations. Most of all, with an amazing group of friends. Thank you, Bluffs, for my sobriety.

– Alex M.

From Our Alumnni at The Treehouse:

I feel better today than I have in a very long time. My body feels good, my mind and spirit feel much better, as well. I am so grateful for all of the staff at The Treehouse.

– Brian D.

This place and all the wonderful people there gave me the tools to want to save myself and live again. Thank you guys, so much.

– Stacey W.

This is the most beautiful, spiritual place you will find. You will leave there with the tools you need to make it in the real world. The therapists are highly recommended and the staff is tremendously gracious. Well done, Treehouse. You’re the best!

– Sonja H.