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Johnston, RI

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Addiction Treatment In Johnston, RI

The two main types of addiction treatment are inpatient and outpatient programs. Both are designed to help people cope with their addiction, but inpatient relies on a residential setting to provide patients with more structure and 24/7 care.

Other treatment options include medication-assisted treatment and detox support.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Alcohol and drug detox can be a difficult process for the body, which is why you’re encouraged to seek inpatient treatment during this time.

In case of a serious emergency, such as heart palpitations, you’ll receive professional care to reduce the odds of a serious injury. Outpatient programs are also available for those with relatively mild detox symptoms.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

An inpatient facility provides an opportunity to offer help to your peers and receive help from both staff and peers. It allows people to build relationships from constant exposure and engage in a give-and-take that can inspire you to successfully commit to the program.

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You’ll also have access to staff at every hour of the day, an invaluable service that can help get people through the worst moments of recovery. If you’re interested in an inpatient facility, look for one that breaks the stigma of addiction and welcomes people to a path toward healing.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment centers can be a more practical choice for those who can’t leave their jobs, families, and routines for a month or more.

Outpatient programs are, by definition, easier to abandon though. It’s recommended that patients have exceptionally strong support if they’re planning to enroll in a rigorous outpatient program.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) relies on FDA-approved prescriptions to help people cope with serious mental and physical challenges during recovery.

There is no standard treatment plan when it comes to MAT. You’ll need to work with a doctor to determine the dosage, frequency, and types of medication that are right for you. Note that not all programs offer MAT, depending on their guiding philosophies.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Recovery in Johnston, Rhode Island isn’t over after an inpatient or outpatient program ends. Patients are encouraged to learn about a program’s alumni services before signing up.

For example, some may offer connections to 12-step meetings while others may enroll people in sober living facilities immediately upon recovery.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Most experts will recommend staying in a program for as long as possible, simply because it gives people more time to break away from the triggers of their past life.

If you can commit for 90 days or more, this is more ideal than enrolling in a one- or two-month program. You can also work with a recovery program to customize your length of treatment.

How To Pay For Treatment

Major insurance carriers in Rhode Island will cover some or all treatment costs (depending on the policy). The government also offers several ways to help people get the funds needed to overcome addiction through grants and Medicaid.

If you have peer and family support, sites like GoFundMe can be a great way to cover both the direct costs of treatment or incidental expenses (e.g., bills, etc) that arise during recovery.

Substance Use Trends In Johnston, Rhode Island

Johnston, Rhode Island keeps detailed information on how drugs and alcohol affect its residents:

  • There were 33 visits to the emergency room for opioid overdoses in 2018 (a slight increase from 2017).
  • In 2017, there were 11 drug-overdose fatalities as opposed to six reported in 2018.
  • Men between the ages of 34 – 54 are at the greatest risk for overdose visits and fatalities.

Johnston has seen some positive trends in the past few years, but Providence County is still struggling. It was named the most troublesome county for drug problems in the state in 2019.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Swift River is about two hours away from Johnston. Located in the Berkshire Mountains, patients have the opportunity to absorb the peace that 500 acres of natural beauty can bring.

Staffed with 24-hour nurses and recovery coaches, you get everything you need to make a full recovery. Whether you’re looking for outpatient, detox, or inpatient treatment, we care for your body and spirit when you’re ready to break free from addiction.

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