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NEW YORK, New York (May 11, 2016) – Diet can play an important part in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse, along with other factors that create a balanced life. Fox NewsEdge interviewed Vertava Health Nurse Krystal Morgan about the ways it can play a part in the clients she sees on a daily basis. She goes on to explain that while diet does play a very important role in recovery and is a brick in the foundation of a healthy life free of chemical dependency, it simply isn’t the only brick.


Many in early stages of recovery substitute food, sex, shopping, internet, gambling, etc. for their addiction, which is unhealthy because it’s simply addiction transfer. Vertava Health promotes a balanced and healthy life after release – one where work and finances, health, family, self improvement, spirituality and social connection are all working together in harmony to create a healthy, long-term, stable recovery.


If your viewers or their loved ones are battling the disease of addiction and need help, they can contact us 24/7 at 1.888.614.2251 or log onto www.addictioncampuses.com, where Treatment Specialists are standing by for confidential and free assessment. Please feel free to backlink us in any web articles pertaining to the topic.





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Vertava Health provides the most comprehensive addiction treatment program in the country by going beyond the standard 30 day plan and treating persons struggling with addiction mentally and spiritually to break the cycle of repeated visits to treatment. Utilizing our addiction campus environment we have the depth of caring staff, industry experience and clinical proficiency to effectively treat the disease of addiction for life. Vertava Health’ admissions center is trained to assess and place the client into one of the Vertava Health treatment centers across the country within a 1 hour time frame. This speed in service delivery and thorough commitment to the client long term allows the person struggling with addiction to get quickly on the road to recovery and create a life that’s worth living.



Krystal Morgan RN, BSN is a nurse at Vertava Health of Texas Treehouse Campus, providing professional nursing care for clients suffering from both drug and alcohol addictions. She has committed herself not only to providing medical care for her clients but also entire healing of the mind, body, and spirit from addiction and addictive behaviors. On a daily basis, Krystal works side by side with her colleagues to determine the most effective and efficient way to provide client centered care that has an individualized approach. She helps determine the best practices in a centralized approach, traveling alongside her clients in their journey to free themselves from their harmfully addictive behaviors. Most importantly, Krystal provides education and tools to help make life outside of rehabilitation easier to cope with. With knowledge comes power, and with power comes the endless possibilities for clients to take control of their life in a positive way. Krystal is a graduate from the University of Texas at Tyler. She began her nursing journey at Vertava Health of Texas with the hopes to further her career as one of their future nurse practitioners. She is currently enrolled at  Chamberlain College of Nursing’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program in the hopes of achieving her goals of continuing her education as a practitioner and providing her clients with the highest level of care.

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