IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A lengthy drug investigation by the Fairview Police Department and Williamson County Sheriff’s Office has resulted in the charge of 31 and arrest of 20 people today in Williamson County.

Prescription drugs are expensive and require a significant income to maintain the habit once addiction is formed.  It is because of this and the fact that we get calls every day from people struggling with addiction in Williamson County that we are unfortunately not surprised by this bust.   Wealthy counties are not immune to this disease, in fact, they are perpetuating it.

The bigger issue that we see is not that we are better off that 31 people have been charged or arrested, but that we have taken 31 people sick with the disease of addiction and we’re putting them in jail.

Our message to the Fairview and Williamson County Police Departments as well the Williamson Country District Attorney’s office is that jail only prolongs the time they will use drugs again.  It does not treat the disease of addiction, it only teaches the offender how to not get caught next time.  These people will go through an extensive, expensive court process and be placed in jail only to get out and begin using drugs again.

The law has changed in Tennessee pursuant to The Recidivism Reduction Act, where people convicted of second and third DUI offenses could shave off part of their jail time in exchange for completing treatment for alcohol abuse, including outpatient programs.  We believe the same should apply to the drug offenses here.  If the goal of The Recidivism Reduction Act is to reduce repeat offenses and use state money designated for addiction treatment more effectively, then we should do the same in these cases as well.

Vertava Health of Tennessee, Spring 2 Life Campus, is an already an approved program with the State of Tennessee and Board of Probation and Parole, is poised to assist the court in placing the individuals who fit this criteria into the proper treatment program for them and has the proven court experience necessary to make this transition privately, effectively and seamlessly.

We have decades of experience supporting the courts by working with attorneys, judges, DAs and court systems (both General Sessions and Circuit courts) in providing addiction recovery treatment options to people in lieu of serving jail time. We also provide inpatient recovery at a third of the cost of other program, plus our staff can attend court, testify and walk beside you and your firm in getting your clients in recovery. And we have a 24/7 Attorney Help Line to ensure that you have the information you need for your client, when you need it.  1 888 512 3321.

In addition it is important to note that Vertava Health of Tennessee, Spring 2 Life Campus, has one of the highest recovery rates in the state of Tennessee because of our unique Christian-based biblical recovery treatment program.  Learn more at .

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