Lorelie Rozzano

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Vertava Health Blogger Lorelie Rozzano did a video chat with group The Addict’s Mom in the popular chatroom “In the Rooms”, discussing the topic of enabling. The event held a consistency of around 80 viewers throughout the discussion. Among the highlights:

“When you’re starting to clean up your life and move away from addiction, there’s a lot of grief that has to happen when you’re trying to get well.”

“Little by slow, I started to wake up, and I really believe whether you are the mother of an addict or an addict in recovery, something begins to happen when you break away from the relationship with your addiction. You begin to wake up.”
“No one ever told me in my life that when I talked about things in an honest way I would get so much relief. I had always been taught not to – to put on a face and say I’m okay.”
“I’ve been completely blessed to work with not only the recovering addict but their family in family programs. When my son fell into addiction, he was very young, and needed help. It was very difficult for me not to want to rescue and save him. I felt like I should be able to. Thank God I had people to give me support. I had to let him go. That was very difficult. I was going to worry about him. Was he alive? He put himself in some horrible situations. I had to do some really difficult things.”
“There are some key differences in helping and enabling. It’s very difficult to decipher the differences when you don’t understand enabling.”

“The more I hide what’s going on in me, the sicker I get and the less effective I am in anyone’s life.”

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