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Woodside, NY

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Addiction Treatment In Woodside, New York

Addiction treatment provides residents of Woodside an option to address their disease effectively, without traveling far from home.

Many treatment programs in the area address addiction and mental health concerns, but each one provides its own approach to addiction treatment. From inpatient and outpatient treatment to gender-specific and age-specific programs, you’ll find a wide variety in the area.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Detox is usually the first step in treatment, as you must go through withdrawal before you can begin to focus on healthy, sober living.

Detox programs provide a safe, supervised environment along with medical intervention for this sometimes daunting process. While in detox, you’ll have help and support as you try to manage the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal and prepare your mind for treatment.


Inpatient Addiction Treatment

With highly structured schedules and varied treatment options, inpatient treatment centers allow you to focus all of your efforts on recovery. With no outside distractions or stresses, this can be effective. However, you’ll have to live at a facility for a set-period of time.

Many inpatient or residential drug rehab options in the Woodside area vary based on their focus. From experiential therapy to holistic treatment, you’ll find several options close to home.

Outpatient Treatment

If you require the flexibility to live and work at home while you’re in treatment, then outpatient care may be appropriate.

Outpatient treatment uses individual and peer counseling and support to address addiction, giving you the option to travel home and live with your family after each session. A strong support network is critical if you opt for outpatient care.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

If you’re fighting opioid or alcohol addiction, consider medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

MAT programs combine counseling with prescription medications to more effectively address these disorders. This “whole-person” approach allows you to avoid withdrawal symptoms as you work towards a complete recovery over time.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Graduating from addiction treatment means the start of a lifelong journey of sober living, and aftercare programs help support you in that.

Aftercare can include peer support groups, sober living homes, 12-step meetings, and group counseling. The top Woodside area addiction treatment programs will have some measure of alumni support.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment that lasts 90 days or more is the most effective, but options that last 20 or 30 days can be just as effective under the right circumstances. By digging in and finding an appropriate length that is best for you, you’ll have improved chances of success.

How To Pay For Treatment

Woodside addiction treatment does have a cost, so you’ll need to consider expenses as you plan for your treatment journey. If you have health insurance, check with your carrier to see if they offer coverage for therapy. Some insurance plans that offer coverage in Queens include:

  • Healthfirst
  • Yolanda Candelaria Insurance
  • Fidelis Care
  • HealthPass

If you do not have sufficient coverage through your insurance provider, consider fundraising options. Many treatment centers offer payment plans or sliding-scale fees as well.

Substance Use Trends In Woodside And Queens, New York

The opioid crisis in Queens continues to be a problem and Woodside is not exempt from its influence. As people die every year due to opioid use, strategic solutions are needed. Some facts from Queens include:

  • In 2017, 365 people in Queens visited the ER due to opioid overdose.
  • That included 223 people with a heroin overdose.
  • That year, 3,413 people were admitted to treatment for opioid use.

Though heroin remains a top concern, responsible for 2,932 admissions in Queens in 2017 alone, stronger drugs, like fentanyl, are making an impact as well.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

About 170 miles north of Woodside in Massachusetts, Swift River is a residential option for your addiction treatment.

Our treatment center provides cutting-edge therapy in a natural setting along the Swift River that is ideal for adventure-based treatment options. Other treatment options include a physician-led detox, a variety of behavioral therapies, medication-assisted treatment, and more.

To learn more about treatment at Swift River, connect with Vertava Health today.