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Addiction Treatment In Woodmere, New York

Regardless of the support, you have from a family or your willingness to work toward recovery, addiction is a difficult disease for anyone to overcome. As a result, most people with a substance use disorder will require professional treatment.

Various treatment programs offer different structures, approaches to recovery, and lengths of treatment. However, in general, remember that programs are typically more effective when they customize their services based on your individual needs.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Before beginning any professional treatment program, you’ll need to go through withdrawal, which is the process by which drugs and alcohol are eliminated from your system.

Because this process can be difficult, many people choose to enroll in a detox program. Detox programs exist to help you achieve sobriety safely and deal with any uncomfortable symptoms you may experience. Many detox programs offer both medication and other supportive services.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

When you’re dealing with severe addiction, or when the amount of support you have available from family and friends is limited, choosing an inpatient treatment program is recommended.

With an inpatient program, you remain at your chosen treatment facility both day and night for a fully immersive experience.

Each day, you’ll have a schedule to follow that includes specific activities designed to facilitate your recovery. Inpatient addiction treatment programs offer various therapeutic options, including both evidence-based treatments and alternative therapies.

Outpatient Treatment

For patients who prefer more freedom during treatment, outpatient programs may be preferable. With an outpatient program, your time in the treatment facility will be limited to your scheduled sessions only.

Different intensities of outpatient programs are available, with some programs requiring a much higher number of hours in treatment than others.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

When you’re working to recover from addiction, experiencing intense drug cravings is common. A medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program gives you a medication that helps to curb these cravings, thus making it easier for you to avoid relapse.

MAT programs use medication as one part of a multi-faceted treatment program that also includes behavioral therapy other services. MAT is a specialized option for severe alcohol or opioid use disorders.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

After you have completed addiction treatment, you may face obstacles as you transition back to normal life. Participating in alumni and aftercare services offers you support, making it easier to stay sober and healthy even when life is challenging.

Different addiction treatment programs offer different services you can use for support as you maintain sobriety. Some of the most common services include support groups and sober living. Be sure to inquire about the exact services available when you enroll.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment program length varies based on several factors, including available options and your preferences. Shorter programs may last for 20 or 30 days, while longer programs require 90 days or more of therapy. Longer time spent in treatment can improve outcomes.

How To Pay For Treatment

If you don’t have good health insurance or significant financial resources of your own, you may have trouble paying for your program.

If you have insurance coverage, always use this resource first. However, if you still have an outstanding balance, consider asking about payment plans or sliding-scale fees.

Substance Use Trends In Woodmere And Nassau County

In Woodmere and Nassau County, some recent facts highlight the severity of substance use in this area. In Nassau County:

  • There were 110 fatal opioid overdoses in 2018.
  • Nearly 1,900 unique individuals were admitted to substance use treatment programs during 2018.
  • Naloxone was administered 100 times in just the first three months of 2019,

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Less than four hours from Woodmere is Swift River, which is the nearest Vertava Health treatment center. Located in the Berkshire Mountains, our inpatient facility is the perfect location for any individual in recovery.

While in the program, you can relax on 500 acres of the natural landscape while you engage in a customized treatment program.

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