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Tonawanda, NY

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Addiction Treatment In Tonawanda

Regardless of the substance used, addiction treatment should be as individualized for you as a person, not just your addiction.

You have unique triggers, emotions, thoughts, habits, and possibly other co-occurring conditions.
As you explore addiction treatment options in Tonawanda, look for drug and alcohol treatment programs that use a variety of evidence-based treatments.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs In Tonawanda

When a person becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, that dependence isn’t mental alone. The body and mind learn to function with the substance. So, it’s incredibly important that you not attempt to detox alone.

The safest way to detox is in a medically-assisted detox program. In these programs, medical professionals supervise you with proven strategies to ease withdrawal symptoms, monitor your safety, and prepare you for treatment.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment In Tonawanda

Inpatient rehab programs are one of the highest levels of care. It offers those with a substance use disorder 24-hour supervision in addition to both peer and professional support.

While in an inpatient setting, you’ll work with professionals in a variety of clinical and therapeutic approaches. In addition, you’ll attend group therapy with others who have similar struggles. This is usually the best option for treating co-occurring mental health disorders.

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Outpatient Treatment In Tonawanda

If you’re capable of taking responsibility for managing your addiction independently, you may go into an outpatient program. This could be the beginning of your journey, or you may enter outpatient care after being discharged from a residential or inpatient program.

During this time, you’ll live at home where a strong family support system is important. Up to five days a week, you’ll travel to an outpatient treatment center. Once at the center, you’ll attend classes and therapy sessions to learn how to better manage your addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment In Tonawanda

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may be the best option for opioid and alcohol use disorders.

In a MAT program, you receive a professionally administered FDA-approved medication. This may involve daily trips to receive treatment.

During the program, you’ll also attend counseling, classes, or behavioral therapy sessions. As you progress, trained doctors will slowly lower the medication dose.

Aftercare And Alumni Services In Tonawanda

Recovery is a lifelong commitment. Because of this, aftercare is important. The services offered may vary by facility and will typically include things like peer recovery programs, Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, and access to community programs.

When exploring treatment programs, always look for one that includes aftercare services.

Length Of Addiction Treatment In Tonawanda

Statistically speaking, longer stays have higher success rates. One study found a 68%-71% success rate for six-month programs with rates much lower for shorter stays. However, the days recommended may vary by person and could be:

  • 20
  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 365 +

How To Pay For Treatment In Tonawanda

Inability to pay should never be a barrier to treatment. But you and your family may need to put in a little work to make sure the funds are there. This may include, but certainly isn’t limited to:

  • starting a crowdfunding page (Go Fund Me, etc.)
  • private health insurance
  • Medicaid or Medicare
  • grant assistance
  • a payment plan with the facility
  • community resources

Generally, addiction treatment funding comes from a combination of sources. If you have health insurance, look up the details of your plan.

Substance Use Trends In Tonawanda And Erie County, New York

Over 120 people lost their lives to addiction in Erie County in 2017, a sharp increase from 2016. 2018 saw a slight decrease in overdose deaths. However, consider some facts from Erie County:

  • The average age of a person who dies from an opioid-related death is only 29.
  • 84 percent of those who overdose were white and 73 percent were male.
  • Over 50 percent of drug-related deaths happened in rural and suburban Erie County.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: The Bluffs

Within an approximate 265 mile drive of Tonawanda, you’ll find The Bluffs located in the sprawling countryside of rural Ohio.

At our campus, we offer all levels of care to meet your unique needs. And during your stay, you’ll work with professionals and peers to develop strategies to get on the recovery path and stay on it for a lifetime.

To learn about admissions at The Bluffs, connect with Vertava Health today.