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Shirley, NY

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Addiction Treatment In Shirley

As you compare programs for addiction treatment, keep in mind that effective ones offer targeted care based on factors such as your age or gender. You’ll find programs for young adults and seniors, as well as gender-specific programs for men and women.

Being in this type of targeted program helps ensure that you receive appropriate services for your situation. For example, gender-specific programs for women often include trauma-informed services or parenting classes.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs In Shirley

Before you enter a rehab program, you’ll need to stop drinking or using substances. Doing this means you’ll go through withdrawal, which can cause you to have cravings and a wide range of symptoms.

Inpatient and outpatient detox programs let you safely go through withdrawal with medical assistance or monitoring. Some programs provide you with medication for withdrawal symptoms and cravings as well.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment In Shirley

Recovering from addiction in general can be challenging, but having a severe addiction can be even more difficult. If you’ve struggled with a severe addiction, an inpatient rehab program can provide you with a safe and secure environment.

In these facilities, you’ll have supervision around the clock. Staff members and professionals are also around to provide treatment services and other forms of support.

Inpatient programs often include a combination of different services and approaches to treatment. This might include peer support services, counseling sessions with licensed therapists, activities for managing stress, and education to prevent relapse.

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Outpatient Treatment In Shirley

When you have a mild addiction, an outpatient treatment program may work for you. Outpatient programs only involve visiting for a few or more counseling sessions each week.

You might need to go several times per week for intensive or day treatment, or you might only have to go a few times a week for standard outpatient care.

Medication-Assisted Treatment In Shirley

Overcoming an alcohol or opioid addiction involves being able to cope with strong cravings and symptoms during withdrawal. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) provides you with help managing these symptoms and cravings.

MAT programs use methadone or another FDA-approved medication for this purpose. You’ll also attend behavioral therapy individually or in groups while you receive medication under close medical supervision.

Aftercare And Alumni Services In Shirley

Completing a rehab program doesn’t mean you don’t have support anymore. Aftercare and alumni services can provide you with support long after you’ve finished going through treatment.

These services might include ongoing support groups, follow-up care, sober-living housing, or help with getting an education or a job.

Length Of Addiction Treatment In Shirley

When you’re in an addiction treatment program, it’s crucial to make sure you spend enough time getting the help you need. Rehab facilities sometimes have short programs available only, such as 20 to 30 days, while others provide longer programs lasting for 90 days or more.

How To Pay For Treatment In Shirley

The costs of addiction treatment programs cover a wide range depending on the type of program, the facility, and other factors. If you have a health insurance plan with a private insurer, read through your policy to find out what’s covered.

When you don’t have a private plan, or if your out-of-pocket costs are too much, you may be able to work out a payment plan with the treatment facility.

Substance Use Trends In Shirley And Suffolk County, New York

There have been some problems with opioid use during the last few years in Suffolk County, which includes Shirley. Take a look at some facts collected from Suffolk County:

  • From January to September 2017, Suffolk County had 302 opioid overdose fatalities.
  • During the same time, the county recorded 1,249 ER visits for opioid overdoses.
  • Between January and September 2017, a total of 6,320 people in Suffolk County were admitted to OASAS-certified addiction treatment centers for opioid use.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

At Swift River, located around 150 miles from Shirley, addiction recovery involves going on hikes, practicing survival skills, and taking part in other outdoor activities. Our adventure therapy program takes place on a campus in the Berkshire Mountains.

We have different treatment services available as well, such as art therapy, stress management, behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and more.

For information on admissions at Swift River, get in touch with Vertava Health today.