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Carmel, NY

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Addiction Treatment In Carmel, NY

If you’re planning to enter addiction treatment in Carmel, you can find every option from outpatient counseling to inpatient programs.

As you compare these programs, remember that the program’s effectiveness needs to be your top priority. To learn about the effectiveness of a given program, consider reading reviews from past patients or learning more about what each program should offer.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Alcohol and drug detox programs provide you with support and other resources to help you through the detoxification process.

These programs are short-term in nature, and they may be conducted on an inpatient or outpatient basis. In many cases, medication will be used to reduce your withdrawal symptoms while you’re in the program.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

An inpatient addiction treatment program will be conducted in a facility that closely resembles a hospital or hotel. While in this program, you’ll be under the care and supervision of trained professionals, including physicians, nurses, and addiction-certified counselors.

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Depending on your treatment facility’s approach, you may participate in a structured, one-size-fits-all program or you may receive a customized plan designed specifically for your needs. Many patients transition into outpatient treatment after completing an inpatient program.

Outpatient Treatment

Following your discharge from inpatient treatment, you may enter an outpatient program. You may also choose an outpatient program as your first line of treatment in some cases.

Depending on your needs, you may enroll in a standard outpatient program or an intensive outpatient program. Intensive outpatient programs require nine or more hours spent in therapy on a weekly basis.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Research has shown that taking certain medications during addiction treatment may improve outcomes. Medications are available to help with opioid and alcohol use disorders.

During medication-assisted treatment (MAT), you’ll also undergo behavioral therapy as you take a measured dose of medication. MAT programs may be available from inpatient or outpatient treatment facilities.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Although the risk of relapse may decrease as time passes, most people in recovery need continued support even after they have completed a professional treatment program.

For example, one of the most common forms of continuing care is support group meetings, which are held on a regular basis and allow you to interact with others in recovery. Before selecting a treatment program, ask about the availability of aftercare services.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

The longer you remain in treatment, the better your chances of achieving a lasting recovery.

Programs vary in length considerably, often ranging from 30 to 90 days or more than six months. Some programs may have established lengths, while others may alter the program’s length based on your progress.

How To Pay For Treatment

While some addiction treatment centers accept health insurance payments, others may not. If you have a health insurance policy, be sure to check with the treatment center and your insurer to find out how much you can expect to pay out-of-pocket.

Many addiction treatment facilities offer payment plan options to patients who can’t make payment in full at the time of service. A payment plan will allow you to spread your full obligation over several weeks or months, making it more affordable.

Substance Use Trends In Carmel And Putnam County, New York

Carmel is a part of Putnam County, which recorded 21 overdose deaths in 2016 alone.

Other facts from this county include:

  • 293 unique clients sought treatment for substance use in Putnam County during 2016.
  • Approximately 335 people per 100,000 residents in Putnam County seek treatment for substance use on an annual basis.

Putnam County ranks among the top 25 percent for overdose death rates in the state of New York, indicating the severity of addiction in this area.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Carmel is located approximately 2.5 hours from Swift River, one of the treatment facilities operated by Vertava Health. Our facility offers inpatient treatment services to both men and women in gender-specific programs.

If you enroll in treatment at Swift River, you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations in a peaceful, private setting on more than 500 acres of land in Massachusetts.

If you’re interested, please contact Vertava Health today to learn more.