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La Cruces, NM

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Addiction Treatment In La Cruces, New Mexico

Even though addiction is a highly complex disease, it is treatable through professional addiction treatment. Addiction treatment works best when it is personalized to your individual needs.

Most addiction treatment uses evidence-based behavioral therapies, and many incorporate other therapies like exercise therapy, medication-assisted treatment, art therapy, mediation, and supervised detox programs.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Withdrawal is the name for the effects your body experiences when drugs and alcohol leave your system. This is a challenging process, and it requires appropriate care to get through safely.

In a medically supervised detox program, you’ll have medical intervention and psychological support to get you through this initial period, as well as supervision to help protect against the risk of relapse.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Living at your addiction treatment center can be one of the best ways to focus on your healing journey. Inpatient treatment centers provide a safe, stable living environment combined with effective therapy on site.

During your stay, you’ll adhere to a structured schedule that keeps you focused and motivated. This means you can explore a variety of treatment types throughout the day. You’ll also benefit from the support of peers who are likely on the same treatment journey as you.

Outpatient Treatment

If you do not have the flexibility to check into an inpatient treatment center, consider outpatient care. These programs use the same evidence-based treatment as inpatient care, but do not require you to live on-site. You’ll live at home or in a sober-living home and travel for treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) provides counseling and behavioral therapy with FDA-approved medications.

This treatment works specifically for alcohol and opioid addiction by reducing the individuals’ desire for the drugs or by making the withdrawal symptoms less intense. Many residential centers use MAT as part of their treatment plans.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Once you have the tools from treatment, you’re going to need to use them in your daily life, and aftercare programs help keep you on track when you face temptations.

Look for an addiction treatment program that has a plan in place for its graduates to connect them with community-based support programs.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment programs can vary in length from a few weeks to a year or longer. Studies have shown that 90 days or longer is ideal for the most effective treatment. Look for addiction treatment that takes a long-term approach.

How To Pay For Treatment

If you have health insurance, you can use it to pay for treatment. If you lack insurance or are facing high out-of-pocket costs, consider creative options like:

  • hosting a fundraiser
  • seeking help from friends and family
  • online fundraising
  • personal loans
  • scholarship and grant opportunities

In addition, you can inquire with your treatment center about payment plan options that can lower your initial costs.

Substance Use Trends In La Cruces And Dona Ana County, New Mexico

Alcohol and drug use problems continue to plague the community of La Cruces and Dona Ana County in New Mexico. Some concerning numbers regarding this problem include:

In 2017, 36 people in Dona Ana County died due to drug overdose.
That was a rate of 16.70 per 100,000 residents.

Because of the high number of people affected by opioid use in the area, Dona Ana County filed a lawsuit in 2018 against pharmaceutical manufacturers for their role in the opioid crisis.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: The Treehouse

Located about 10 hours from La Cruces in Texas, The Treehouse provides a beautiful rural setting surrounded by lakes and creeks for those seeking to heal from addiction.

Our residential treatment facility uses clinically sound therapies and research-driven treatment to address addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Our staff-to-client ratio is quite low, ensuring ample one-on-one attention during your stay at The Treehouse.

For more information, contact Vertava Health today.