Unraveling The Stigma: Myths Vs. Facts

There is an unfortunate number of myths which revolve around addiction and mental illness. These myths can be disabling for a person struggling from a dual diagnosis and also for their loved ones who are trying to get them help. Understanding the truth is empowering as it grants you more information to make the right treatment choices.

FALSE. Addiction is a disease and actually a mental illness itself.

FALSE. Both addiction and mental illness can impact anyone from any walk of life.

FALSE. Mental illness and substance use disorders share certain underlying causes.

FALSE. Substance abuse isn’t safe, period. But having a mental illness increases your chances of developing a substance use disorder.

FALSE. Drugs only mask the effects of what is a serious, underlying problem which requires expert medical treatment.

FALSE. Individualized treatment is your best chance for long-lasting sobriety and balanced mental health.

FALSE. The most effective treatment programs offer comprehensive and compassionate dual diagnosis care.

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