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Newburyport, MA

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Addiction Treatment In Newburyport, MA

There is no one-size-fits-all option for addiction treatment in Newburyport. Each person may be struggling with different stresses that led to destructive behavior. It’s one reason why there are so many approaches to treatment. You should look for a center that can adapt to both your schedule and expectations if you want to start on the right foot.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Professional detox services in Newburyport provide you with a safe program to eliminate all substances from your body. For mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, it’s possible to complete this step on an outpatient basis. However, for severe symptoms, it’s best if detox occurs in an inpatient setting where you can receive 24/7 monitoring in case of an emergency.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

An inpatient program is recommended as the ideal choice for addiction treatment. And while inpatient facilities may not always be the most practical (given the disruption to regular life), it’s comprehensive treatment that gives you access to peer and professional support.

Questions About Treatment?

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This two-way support system can help you find meaning during treatment. Some residential programs offer non-stop meetings and activities to provide structure to your day, while others offer more flexibility. Ask questions about the nature of the daily routine prior to enrolling.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment requires you to stick to a schedule (sometimes a rigorous one) where your travel back and forth for treatment. While it’s more effort, outpatient treatment makes it possible to maintain prior commitments (family, work, etc.). On average, you’re more likely to follow through with an outpatient program when you have strong support from loved ones.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT (medication-assisted treatment) combines medications with therapy or counseling. You receive continuous medications throughout treatment, working with a certified clinician to determine the appropriate doses. These FDA-approved medications give your brain and body relief from cravings, so you’re more likely to participate in therapy.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

The aftercare in Newburyport should include several resources following treatment. Before choosing a facility, ask what kind of aftercare the staff provides after the program is complete. From counseling to 12-step meetings, these recovery services can make a difference.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

There is no standard length for treatment, despite the 28-day stereotype. In fact, experts recommend at least 90 days of treatment for best results. Treatment programs are typically offered on a per-month (30-, 60-, 90-, 120-day) basis. You’ll also find programs that will last a year or more, which are highly recommended for severe addiction.

How To Pay For Treatment

Paying for addiction treatment in Newbury can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Insurance: Many major insurance companies, such as Aetna and Humana, will offer partial or full coverage (depending on your specific policy).
  • Government support: The government may offer financial support via MassHealth.
  • Self-funded: Many facilities will work with your budget, allowing you to set up payment plans that are based on your income.
  • Crowdfunding: Websites such as GoFundMe can be a great way to raise money for treatment.

Substance Use Trends In Newburyport And Essex County, Massachusetts

Newburyport in Essex County has seen the following trends, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health:

  • There were five opioid-related deaths in Newburyport in 2017.
  • In Essex County, 10,563 addiction treatment admission occurred in 2017.
  • In 2017, heroin was the primary reason for treatment, accounting for just under half of all Essex County patients.

Even if the numbers remain low, Newburyport trends show the number of overdose deaths rising from prior to 2017. To prevent overdose, find treatment as soon as you’re able.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Located just under 140 miles from Newburyport (or a 2.5-hour drive), Swift River is our residential treatment facility located near the Berkshire Mountains.

Staffed with licensed doctors and nurses plus professional counselors and therapists, you’ll receive care for any underlying or co-occurring mental health issues. To take advantage of the outdoor beauty and jumpstart your recovery, contact Vertava Health today.