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Milford, MA

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Addiction Treatment In Milford, MA

Searching for treatment centers is a little like searching for a doctor. You may want a more holistic doctor, while others may want one who specializes. Because each program has its own values, consider your preferences and situation before choosing an addiction treatment center.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

It can be difficult or even dangerous to cope with the effects of withdrawal. An expert team can help you safely eliminate drugs and alcohol from your system, so you can transition into an inpatient or outpatient rehab program. Attempting detox without the help of a professional can put you at risk for relapse, or even overdose.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient centers give you a way to fully commit to the program. During the duration of your stay, you have access to professional help 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. You’ll be encouraged to draw strength from the licensed caregivers on staff, as well as build relationships with peers.

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Each inpatient facility will have its own approach to therapy, which may include anything from behavioral therapy to support groups and outdoor recreation. Inpatient programs provide integrated care, meaning they’re ideal for addressing co-occurring mental health issues.

Outpatient Treatment

An outpatient treatment center works very well as a step-down service following inpatient rehab. Outpatient care requires you to have a reliable support system from friends or family. Programs range in intensity, which will determine how often you meet for treatment. Individual and group counseling, as well as education and peer support, from the backbone of outpatient care.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) works to reduce the physical and psychological stress associated with stopping opioid or alcohol use. MAT has been clinically developed to help you engage in treatment and adjust to living a balanced, day-to-day life for long-term recovery. FDA-approved medications are administered alongside behavioral therapy during treatment.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

When you leave recovery and return to Milford, you’ll need a network of support you can rely on. Treatment doesn’t end after a program, so it’s important to ask the facility what long-term care is provided. Knowing the specifics of the aftercare provided, which may include counseling or 12-step support, can help you sustain lasting recovery.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

It’s generally recommended that you spend as much time in treatment as you possibly can. Studies show treatment lasting less than 90 days do not have the best rates of long-term success, but remember there is no single treatment, or length, that works for everyone.

Whether inpatient or outpatient, programs typically break down into 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. Some can last a full year or more.

How To Pay For Treatment

United Healthcare, Humana, and Aetna are just a few health insurance companies that may cover part or all of the costs associated with treatment. Medicaid and grants are also available, or you can try to set up a fundraiser through crowdsourcing websites like GoFundMe. Another option is setting up a payment plan with the treatment provider.

Substance Use Trends In Milford And Worcester County, Massachusetts

Milford is located in Worcester County.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health collected the following data for the city and county:

  • In 2017, there were six opioid-related deaths reported in Milford.
  • Over 12,100 people were admitted for addiction treatment in Worcester County in 2017.
  • Almost 60 percent of all patients reported heroin as their primary drug in 2017.

The number of formally reported overdoses in Worcester County is declining. Officials suggest this is due to overdose reversal medications like Narcan.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Swift River is located about 105 miles from Milford, or just under a 2-hour drive. With a clinically trained staff, including medical doctors and nurses, you’ll receive integrated treatment and care to support your recovery.

Our inpatient facility is located on more than 500 acres of natural beauty in the Berkshire Mountains. To learn more about treatment at Swift River, reach out to Vertava Health today.