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Holyoke, MA

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Addiction Treatment In Holyoke

Treatment for addiction isn’t a blanket process where one type fits everyone’s needs. There are a number of options available in Holyoke which include residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, gender-specific services, and transitional recovery homes.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs In Holyoke

Before starting any addiction treatment program, it’s important for you to go through the detox process. This ensures that the addictive substance is no longer affecting you health. Many treatment programs require you to complete a detox program and/or remain free of substances for a certain period of time before starting treatment.

While some withdrawal symptoms can be merely uncomfortable, others can be painful or even dangerous. Detox programs provide safety and supervision during withdrawal.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment In Holyoke

Also known as residential treatment, inpatient programs provide recovery resources and support in a structured environment. Often located in a setting that emphasizes a calming atmosphere set apart from your day-to-day environment, some residential treatment programs integrate holistic elements such as yoga, off-site field trips, art therapy, and more.

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Outpatient Treatment In Holyoke

Less intensive than inpatient treatment, outpatient programs provide a level of support as you transition back into the community after a stay at a residential center. You may also consider outpatient treatment if your addiction is less than severe and if you have a strong support system available.

Medication-Assisted Treatment In Holyoke

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is available if you struggle with opioid or alcohol use disorder. Available as part of either an outpatient treatment program or a residential-based option, MAT consists of three key components: counseling, FDA-approved medications, and peer support.

This combination helps you manage the neurological and physical symptoms that are part of substance use disorders. It also helps you discover the underlying causes of your substance use and provides you with effective and proven coping skills.

Aftercare & Alumni Services In Holyoke

Any quality addiction program provides access to aftercare and alumni services as part of their comprehensive treatment method. Because substance use disorders are understood to be a chronic condition that can affect you throughout your life, access to peer mentorship, 12-step programs, community-based resources, and other recovery options provide added support.

Length Of Addiction Treatment In Holyoke

The length of your treatment program is customized to your particular needs. In general, short-term options can last just a few weeks while long-term treatment can extend for several months or even longer. The ideal length of addiction treatment is determined during an initial evaluation and can always be modified to meet your changing needs.

How To Pay For Treatment In Holyoke

There are a number of options that Holyoke residents have when it comes to paying for addiction treatment. While some are able to rely on private health insurance, other resources include Medicare, grants, and MassHealth for those who qualify. Paying out-of-pocket is also an option with some facilities, such as those that are community-based, offering a sliding-fee scale.

Substance Use Trends In Holyoke And Hampden County, Massachusetts

According to the Bureau of Substance Use Services (BSAS), 7,846 individuals were admitted to treatment for addiction in Hampden County during 2017. Other notable facts include:

  • Nearly 71 percent were male with the remaining 29 percent being female.
  • More than half (51.4 percent) indicated that they had prior treatment for mental health issues.
  • Heroin was the primary drug used by those seeking treatment followed by alcohol.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Less than an hour away from Holyoke is Swift River in Cummington. Set in a beautiful rural outdoor setting, Swift River provides all levels of addiction treatment. This allows you to receive the comprehensive care you need under medical supervision, regardless of where you are in recovery.

Along with evidence-based treatment methods, you’ll have access to hiking, mindfulness training, and gourmet dining as part of our holistic approach to treatment. To see if Swift River is an option for you or a loved one, contact Vertava Health today.