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Addiction Treatment In Dorchester, MA

Making the decision to seek addiction treatment is a brave move. While there are many rehab options in and around Dorchester, they’re not always the right fit for every person. From programs that treat co-occurring mental or physical health issues to programs specific to men or women, you’ll need to research the options to find the one well-suited to your situation.

Detox Programs Near Dorchester

Alcohol and drug addiction are so hard to fight because of the effects of withdrawal. These uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects require close medical monitoring. Alcohol and drug detox programs in Dorchester, which can be either inpatient or outpatient, provide supervision and support during the withdrawal period.

Impatient Treatment Near Dorchester

Inpatient addiction treatment takes place in a residential setting, which means constant monitoring to prevent early relapse. While in an inpatient treatment program, you’ll participate in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including peer support groups, individual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and others.

Some of these programs are long-term programs that can last over a year, with a steady progression of more and more independence as you learn sober-living skills and strategies. Others are short-term programs lasting 30 days or less.

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Outpatient Treatment In Dorchester

Outpatient programs in Dorchester require you to travel to and from the treatment center for regularly scheduled sessions. This can be the second step after inpatient treatment or can be the next step after detox if you have a strong support system at home.

You may be best served by intensive outpatient programs, which meet for a minimum of nine hours per week, or regular outpatient programs, which meet fewer than nine hours per week.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is a specialized type of treatment in Dorchester offering a combination of medication and counseling. These FDA-approved medications limit the side effects of withdrawal, reducing cravings and the appeal of use. Medication-assisted treatment is specific to opioid and alcohol addiction.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Recovery is a life-long endeavor. After treatment is over, you’ll need continued support. Aftercare or alumni services are offered by the facility and use peer support meetings, 12-step meetings, or sober living houses.

Length Of Treatment In Dorchester

The longer you stay in addiction treatment, the more effective it will be at creating lasting change. You’ll find a number of program lengths in Dorchester, including 30-day programs, 60-day programs, 90-day programs, and 120-day programs. Some programs may even last a year or longer.

How To Pay For Treatment

If the cost of addiction treatment is holding you back, check with your health insurance provider. Health insurance plans usually offer coverage, though you’ll be responsible for copays or other expenses. Some local insurance providers to consider include:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • BMC Healthnet Plan
  • Fallon Health

If you do not have health insurance, consider Medicaid or MassHealth as an option.

Substance Use Trends In Dorchester And Boston, Massachusetts

Many in the neighborhood of Dorchester and the rest of Boston struggle with addiction and substance use. Consider some facts that show the serious nature of the problem:

  • Though the numbers are still preliminary, Boston reported 180 opioid-related deaths in 2018.
  • In 2017, 10,657 people in Boston received services from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for substance use.
  • The city also reported 14,780 total admissions for substance use in 2017.

If you want to leave the Boston area to access treatment in a quieter setting, consider Vertava Health’ Massachusetts facility.

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