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Owensboro, KY

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Addiction Treatment In Owensboro

In Owensboro, addiction treatment options vary, and you’ll have many options nearby as you seek treatment. It’s always best to find a program that is personalized to the individual because your addiction treatment journey is not going to be the same as someone else.

Whether you choose an inpatient treatment center, seek outpatient care, or look for a combination of the two, take time to find addiction treatment that fits your specific needs.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

The first step to address addiction is getting through withdrawal, and this is a painful and potentially dangerous process.

Alcohol and drug detox programs are helpful, giving you the tools and medical intervention you need to get through this process successfully. Supervised detox is the safest way to withdraw.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment centers combine a residential setting with evidence-based addiction treatment. This combination allows you to focus all of your energy on healing after addiction.

Inpatient addiction treatment centers use a variety of treatment methods, and these centers often provide access to natural therapies in addition to behavioral therapies. One of the benefits of inpatient treatment is the community of staff and peers cheering you on to success.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment works well for those who have a strong support network and lack the freedom to check in to an inpatient center.

In an outpatient program, you’ll travel to treatment several times per week and participate in group or individual therapy that follows cognitive-behavioral techniques. Intensive outpatient programs, a comprehensive type of outpatient care, meets frequently each week.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a specialized treatment type for opioid and alcohol use disorders. With MAT, you’ll receive prescription medications to reduce your cravings or withdrawal effects, while also participating in behavioral therapy.

MAT programs can be independent programs, but sometimes residential centers will offer this treatment as an option as well.

Aftercare & Alumni Services

As you look for addiction treatment, look for a program that has a plan for its graduates. After treatment is complete, you’ll need ongoing support, such as community peer group meetings or a sober living environment. Aftercare or alumni services will connect you to local resources.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

The longer you stay in treatment, the better your results will be. Typically, 90 days or longer is the most effective treatment length. Some common lengths you will find include:

  • Short-term programs lasting just a couple of weeks
  • 30-day programs
  • 60-day programs
  • 90-day programs
  • 120-day programs
  • Programs that last a year or longer

How To Pay For Treatment

To get help with the cost of addiction treatment, check with your health insurance provider. Most will cover all types of therapy, including inpatient treatment, leaving you responsible for your deductible and copay only. Some other options to consider include:

  • applying for scholarships and grants
  • payment plan via the rehab center
  • fundraising

Substance Use Trends In Owensboro And Daviess County, Kentucky

Owensboro and the rest of Daviess County are seeing increases in the effects of opioids on their community. Consider some local facts:

  • In 2017, Daviess County reported no fentanyl-related drug deaths.
  • That number increased to two in 2018, which is a large percentage of increase.
  • In 2016, the opioid prescribing rate in Daviess County was 103.2 per 100 residents, which may indicate why there is a growing problem with opioid addiction.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Turning Point

If you’re looking for a residential treatment center that offers a holistic, whole-person approach to addiction treatment, consider Turning Point, which is located near the Tennessee border in Mississippi.

With a focus on dialectical behavior therapy, Turning Point addresses the underlying cause of addiction to create healthy habits for the future. The goal of therapy at our facility is to build self-esteem while giving you the tools to avoid relapse after returning to normal life.

For more information, contact Vertava Health today.