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Carrollton, KY

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Addiction Treatment In Carrollton, KY

Carrollton has regular and intensive outpatient programs within town limits, along with peer support groups.

You can find residential treatment, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and detox programs nearby in Kentucky.

Neighboring states also have rehab programs available to meet special needs, including dual diagnosis and trauma-informed services.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Withdrawal symptoms occur when you have become dependent on drugs and/or alcohol and you stop using them.

Detox programs help you to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal. They may include FDA-approved medications along with crisis counseling. Most detox programs take place in an inpatient setting, and will include medical supervision.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

If you think you need a completely substance-free environment, an inpatient/residential treatment program will provide it for you.

You can live full-time in a residential rehab program and focus exclusively on recovering from drug and alcohol use. Residential treatment programs should also offer evidence-based counseling.

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Some rehab programs offer experiences that can help you to discover your strengths while you’re substance-free. Many rehab programs are experienced in assisting people with special needs, including dual diagnoses of substance use and behavioral or physical health disorders.

Residential treatment can serve specific populations as well, from gender-specific programs to programs for adolescents and pregnant or parenting mothers.

Outpatient Treatment

If you are able to live in a sober living environment and attend treatment, an outpatient program may be a good fit for your needs.

Outpatient programs may be more or less intensive, depending on how many times a week they meet and the length of meetings. Some people are able to continue working while they attend outpatient treatment programs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines FDA-approved medications along with peer group support and evidence-based counseling. MAT is used to help people with alcohol and tobacco use disorders in addition to opioid use disorders.

Some MAT programs can last six months or longer. MAT is also used as part of residential rehab programs, both to help with detox and with longer-term residential treatment.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

After completing a drug and alcohol treatment program, aftercare and alumni programs can step in. Alumni and aftercare programs can include group or individual counseling, along with sober living activities and peer group support, including 12-step groups.

Aftercare programs can help to reduce the impact of relapse or help you to cope with trauma without returning to substance use.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders should help you to stop using substances, remain sober, and gain the skills you need for an ongoing, lasting recovery.

Rehab centers often have programs of the following lengths:

  • 30-day treatment
  • 60-day treatment
  • 90-day treatment
  • 120-day treatment

The sooner you begin treatment, the better your chances of building a strong recovery.

How To Pay For Treatment

Many drug and alcohol rehab programs in Kentucky accept major private health insurance plans. In addition, the state of Kentucky has adopted a substance use disorder plan that provides programs free of charge through a voucher system.

If you are eligible for Medicaid in Kentucky, it will pay for several types of substance use disorder treatment, including opioid treatment with methadone.

Your family and/or friends may also be able to help you to pay for treatment. Online crowdfunding sites can be a way to raise money for drug and alcohol treatment.

Substance Use Trends In Carrollton, Kentucky

  • Fewer than five people in Carroll County lost their lives to a drug overdose in 2018, but overall, more than 1,247 Kentucky residents lost their lives from drug overdoses in 2018.
  • Kentucky State Police tested over 13,700 samples of methamphetamine in 2018. Most of the drug is coming from outside Kentucky, with fewer than 38 meth labs found in the state in 2018.
  • Top prescription opioids that were misused in Kentucky in 2018 included hydrocodone (Vicodin, Norco, Lortab) and oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet).

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: The Bluffs

The Bluffs is located in the green, rolling hills of the Ohio countryside about five-and-a-half hours northeast of Carrollton.

The Bluffs focuses on providing individualized treatment plans and specializes in opioid use disorders and dual diagnosis. Caring, experienced staff members offer evidence-based therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

At the Bluffs, you will live in a serene environment that offers a community of healing and care. The Bluffs offers an adventure therapy program with year-round activities.

You will find a holistic, comprehensive suite of services at The Bluffs, from detox to alumni, aftercare, and family support. To learn more about this rehab program, contact Vertava Health today.