Golden Rule Insurance is a part of the UnitedHealthcare insurance family. Golden Rule Insurance specializes in short-term or temporary health insurance plans for individuals. As a part of the UnitedHealthcare family, Golden Rule Insurance is available in several states across the U.S. and offers a variety of plans to fit the needs of their clients.

Short-term and temporary health insurance can be beneficial for individuals who are between jobs, in the process of shopping for a long-term insurance plan or who have a planned surgery or extended stay in a healthcare facility coming up in the next few months.

Short-term health insurance plans tend to have higher deductibles than traditional plans, but also have significantly lower monthly premiums.

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Does Golden Rule Insurance Cover Drug And Alcohol Detox?

Health insurance coverage for drug and alcohol detox is available through multiple types of Golden Rule Insurance plans. Some plans may require a professional referral from a doctor or psychiatrist to demonstrate the clinical need for medical detox.

Drug and alcohol detox may be necessary when dealing with a particularly severe addiction. Certain types of addiction can also come with life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that may include dizziness, heart palpitations, fainting, seizures and death.

These types of withdrawal symptoms are generally associated with certain drugs, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Benzodiazepines

Does Golden Rule Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehab?

Golden Rule Insurance does offer insurance for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs as part of its coverage for mental health and behavioral health. A doctor’s referral may be needed to prove clinical necessity for a residential treatment program. Some comprehensive plans may also offer aftercare options following an inpatient program.

Inpatient drug rehab is often one of the most-effective types of programs for individuals suffering from addiction.

During inpatient drug rehab, patients will live at the treatment facility while participating in the program. This immersive, sober environment helps to protect patients from triggering places, people and situations that can lead to cravings.

During inpatient drug rehab, patients will receive comprehensive addiction treatment through a variety of therapies and activities that vary from facility to facility. Patients will also have access to credentialed therapists for one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy meetings.

Does Golden Rule Insurance Cover Outpatient Rehab?

Health insurance coverage for outpatient drug and alcohol rehab varies based on the state, the facility and the plan. Larger drug and alcohol rehab facilities may partner with a greater number of insurance plans, which offer patients more options when choosing an addiction treatment program.

Outpatient drug rehab can come in many forms, but the underlying goal of supported sobriety and continued recovery are a foundation for most programs. Outpatient rehab is most commonly used as a supportive transitional tool for individuals moving from an inpatient program back to independent life or a sober living home.

While outpatient drug rehab is sometimes used as a standalone treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, it is often a better option for those who have completed some type of inpatient program or individuals who are not able to leave their jobs or families for inpatient rehab. However, outpatient rehab is a good tool for patients to continue to receive support and care once they return home.

Some common treatment modalities used in outpatient rehab may include:

  • Group meetings
  • 12-step programs (Like Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Use of alumni sponsors
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Does Golden Rule Insurance Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment?

The pharmacy benefits portion of each Golden Rule Insurance short-term insurance plan may determine whether medication-assisted treatment is covered under that plan. Prescription drug coverage is often considered separate from other types of medical and behavioral health coverage, but it can be essential for the treatment of certain types of addiction, especially opioid or alcohol addiction.

Medication-assisted treatment combines prescription medications with behavioral therapies to decrease the likelihood of relapse. Medications such as Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) or ReVia (naltrexone) work to prevent withdrawal and block the pleasurable effects of drugs or alcohol. Medication-assisted treatment is generally administered in a clinical setting such as an addiction treatment facility.

Does Golden Rule Insurance Cover Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes can be a great transitional option for individuals who have completed an inpatient program but are not quite ready to move back home. Sober living homes offer a stable, drug- and alcohol-free living environment that promotes continued sobriety. Sober living homes can vary in price depending on location, amenities and ownership.

Coverage for sober living homes is not expressly included within Golden Rule Insurance plans, however the company does partner with several larger drug and alcohol rehab facilities that offer living options after inpatient rehab. Depending on the nature of these housing options, insurance coverage may be considered a part of the services that inpatient rehab offers.

In-Network Vs. Out-Of-Network Coverage

Golden Rule Insurance policy holders are considered to be a part of the UnitedHealthcare network of physicians and healthcare systems. This large network can be beneficial, as many other short-term or temporary health insurance plans offer a very limited network of healthcare providers.

Providers who contract with UnitedHealthcare health insurance will also accept Golden Rule insurance, providing access to many drug and alcohol rehab centers across the country. If there is a drug and alcohol rehab facility that does not partner with UnitedHealthcare insurance, out-of-network coverage limits may apply.

All treatment centers that accept insurance will be able to provide a verification of benefits before admission, offering insight into the coverage limits of a specific plan.