Coverage Options Available

With ComPsych, patients can use a managed behavioral health program which is flexible enough to be tailored to suit their specific needs. For instance, patients who are just starting out their detox or rehab programs might require access to more specialists and facilities than they might need when they are reaching the end of their journey.

Many of ComPsych’s products are geared toward getting people back to work, as they have always focused on the professional marketplace. One great way to illustrate this is with the Disability Assist program. This program has been designed with the view of using ComPsych’s behavioral health therapies and work-life resources to help expedite recovery times. These kinds of programs are especially useful for heads of households who are undergoing therapy. If the income of the substance-dependent is a major source of revenue for their family, recovering and getting back to regular life soon is a priority.

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As long as it has been pre-approved, ComPsych insurance plans cover some forms of rehabilitation. ComPsych usually covers 80 percent of the hospitalization or outpatient costs at their network facilities and 60 percent of the costs at non-network hospitals. Patients first have to undergo up to five free counseling sessions with a ComPsych counselor to determine the kind of treatment that is required.

Customization Of ComPsych’s Plans

ComPsych insurance coverage for rehab is quite customizable and is created on a “built-to-suit” manner, for instance, their Employee Assistance Program helps patients get referrals and counseling to suit their needs and the needs of their families. ComPsych works closely with employers to simulate these health plans.

Types of Addiction Covered

ComPsych insurance covers all types of addictions that fall within the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008. This act allows a patient to have access to behavioral therapy coverage as long as their employer has not claimed exemption for a number of reasons.

According to ComPsych’s philosophy, behavioral therapy is an occupational necessity. Patients will be covered for almost all treatment options they seek if their employer provides ComPsych’s insurance coverage.