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Waterbury, CT

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Addiction Treatment In Waterbury, Connecticut

The longer you live without dealing with your addiction, the more difficult it will be to live a healthy life. In some cases, people struggling with addiction even die because of overdose.

Fortunately, the right addiction treatment program can address this disorder successfully and help you to achieve lasting recovery. Every addiction treatment program is unique, so it is important to compare your options carefully.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

The first phase of the addiction recovery process is withdrawal, which is the most challenging phase for many patients. During this first part of your recovery, you may deal with uncomfortable physical symptoms and intense cravings for your drug of choice.

Alcohol and drug detox programs exist to help you deal with these symptoms and remain as comfortable and healthy as possible.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

If you want the most intensive addiction treatment structure available, inpatient treatment is the best choice. Inpatient treatment programs are programs that require you to remain within your treatment facility both day and night until your program is complete.

Inpatient programs offer a menu of services to patients, such as educational sessions, recreation, skill-building, individual therapy, and group therapy. However, not all inpatient treatment programs offer the same services, so be sure to research a program carefully before you enroll.

Outpatient Treatment

If you don’t need continuous supervision while you’re involved in addiction treatment, you may benefit more from an outpatient treatment program. These programs are more flexible and won’t require you to stay overnight in the treatment facility.

Likewise, outpatient treatment programs tend to be less expensive than inpatient treatment. Although some patients may prefer outpatient treatment, it’s important to note that the added freedom may make this type of program risky for some people.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs are specialized programs that use FDA-approved medications to help patients recover.

These programs also use other forms of treatment, such as counseling and behavioral therapy. MAT programs are available with both inpatient and outpatient structures.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Once you have finished your rehab program, getting involved in aftercare and alumni services is recommended in order to minimize the risk of relapsing.

These programs are available to recent addiction treatment graduates, as well as people who have been in recovery for months or years. Before enrolling in a treatment program, be sure to ask about the availability of aftercare.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Longer addiction treatment programs tend to be more effective for patients than in shorter programs. Some of the most common program lengths you may encounter in Waterbury include:

  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • six months
  • one year

How To Pay For Treatment

Drug rehab programs can be costly. Fortunately, if you have a health insurance policy that covers your treatment program, some or all of your expenses may be paid.

If you still owe money after health insurance has been applied, or if you aren’t insured, you’ll need to pay for treatment using other resources. Many patients pay their portion of the bill with grants, cash, and/or credit. Crowdsourcing may also be useful in some cases.

Substance Use Trends In Waterbury And New Haven County, Connecticut

New Haven County has one of the highest rates of a drug overdose in the state, indicating the need for addiction treatment in this area. Take a look at some local facts:

  • Waterbury is a part of New Haven County. From 2012 to 2018, this county saw more than 1,000 deaths because of a drug overdose.
  • 321 people visited the hospital for suspected drug overdose in New Haven County during the fourth quarter of 2018.
  • Approximately 37.3 people for every 100,000 residents of New Haven County visited the emergency room for suspected drug overdose in the last quarter of 2018.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Swift River in Cummington, Massachusetts is the nearest Vertava Health treatment center for residents of Waterbury, with a commute time of fewer than two hours.

Our facility is located in the breathtaking Berkshire Mountains, allowing you to relax in a natural setting while you work toward recovery. Swift River offers varying levels of support, along with individualized planning to make sure every patient has the best chance of recovery.

To learn more, contact Vertava Health today.