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Enfield, CT

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Addiction Treatment In Enfield, CT

The most effective treatments for addiction include medication and behavioral therapies.

Stages on the recovery journey might include:

  • detox
  • inpatient treatment
  • outpatient treatment
  • aftercare and long-term alumni services

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Detoxification centers allow your body to purge itself of substances like drugs and alcohol. The body is resilient and can filter out almost any quantity of substance.

However, the side effects and withdrawal symptoms can be hard to cope with, even life-threatening. The professionals at a detoxification center can monitor your cleansing and make you comfortable as your body establishes a baseline of sobriety.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Advanced cases of substance use disorder often require a period of treatment at a residential inpatient center, especially if your home environment undermines recovery.

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Through inpatient treatment, you can learn techniques to maintain sobriety alongside peers also working toward recovery. Throughout the program, you’ll be under the 24/7 care and supervision of addiction treatment professionals.

Outpatient Treatment

Patients with a home and work life conducive to recovery may consider outpatient treatment as a supplement or replacement to inpatient treatment.

Outpatient care resembles inpatient care in almost every way, including the intensity of the therapeutic modalities, with the main difference being patients don’t live at the treatment facility. Still, outpatient programs can be rigorous and potent programs to help you achieve sobriety.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has aided greatly in the treatment of substance use disorder. Drugs like methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone have proven effective for opioid addiction. Medications for alcohol addiction are also available.

MAT programs also involve a host of behavioral therapies. The combination of FDA-approved medications and therapy help lay the groundwork for recovery.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

When inpatient and outpatient treatment is over, the journey has only begun. Look for a treatment program that offers long-term aftercare and alumni services. T

Program offerings may include group therapy, 12-step programs, sober living arrangements, and other supplemental care options.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Treatment programs vary greatly in length. Each road to recovery is different. Inpatient treatment commonly lasts between 30 days and 90 days, or up to a year or longer.

Outpatient treatment range from six months to several years. Aftercare and alumni services are often ongoing, recovery the project of a lifetime.

How To Pay For Treatment

Like many medical treatments, the costs of addiction recovery can mount. Health insurance often covers some or all of the treatment.

In the event that there is a shortfall, numerous options exist to finance addiction recovery. Options include Medicaid, crowdfunding through sources like GoFundMe, and grants from governments, charities, or foundations chartered to combat addiction.

Substance Use Trends In Enfield And Harford County, Connecticut

Connecticut has seen drug overdose deaths more than double between the years 2012 and 2018.

Enfield’s county of Hartford experienced:

  • 639 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 in population, the highest in the state.
  • Overdoses are on the rise. From 64 overdose deaths in 2018, Hartford reported 45 deaths in the first half of 2019 alone.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Swift River

Less than 50 miles away from Enfield in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, Swift River offers state-of-the-art treatment in a beautiful facility set against the majesty of New England’s natural surroundings.

Hiking trails lead patients past breathtaking views and peaceful streams, connecting them with nature and drawing them the present moment, where recovery happens.

Surrounded by peers on a similar journey and under the care of treatment professionals, you’ll have access to a variety of behavioral therapies. To learn more, contact us today.