Senator Barbara Mikulski
Heroin use has grown rapidly recently fueled by the problem of prescription drug abuse in our country. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from 2007-2012 heroin use rose nearly 80%! Fortunately one of our U.S. Senators has been paying attention. Senator Mikulski (visit her Facebook Page here) has proposed a war on heroin. Not only suggesting providing $10,000,000 for state task forces, but also requesting $13,000,000 for treatment of the disease of addiction. Turning to the root of the problem her funding bill also allots $7,000,000 for prescription drug monitoring programs.

Heroin is a devastating drug for families and communities. The addiction is treatable and we hope this funding bill goes through, because frankly as it stands now not nearly enough people have access to the treatment they need.

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