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Many lives were renewed through recovery this year. Was yours one of them? We reach tens of thousands of people and families everyday with messages of hope, information, and encouragement to do so. We strive to ensure that our words connect those in recovery, inspire and inform families searching for answers, and revive individuals who feel that they have lost all hope. Our blogs are here for you and your family as a resource, but we want you to know that our team is also here working tirelessly to save lives. We are here for you.


Below are our 15 most popular and most read blogs of this year – and while the dates may trace back, the information and hope is still present.


  1. The 4 Stages of Alcoholism for the Functioning Alcoholic

    This blog about “functional” alcoholism went viral, as it involves a term that has hit close to home for many families across the country. In this blog, we broke down the four stages that an individual with alcoholism may experience. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, no matter which stage you or a loved one may be currently experiencing – without treatment, it will not get better.

    Also, check out this infographic we created to accompany this blog: 4 Stages of the Functioning Alcoholic Infographic.
  2. The Top Trauma that Causes Addiction

    Physical wounds often heal, but the emotional scars left by trauma can last a lifetime if not resolved. Because trauma can change a person’s perspective on life, many people resort to coping methods involving drugs and alcohol. While no one plans to become dependent or addicted, it’s a leading driver for substance use. We did our research to find out of there was a particular type of trauma that was likely to contribute to the development of an addiction.
  3. How to Know if You’re Enabling an Addict to Death

    What’s the difference between enabling someone and helping them? In the world of addiction, it’s a matter of life and death – and understanding that difference will be crucial to getting your loved one into treatment. This blog breaks down the difference between the two.

    For more on enabling addiction, check out this infographic: Enabling Addiction Infographic
  4. The Fastest Growing Addiction in America

    Roughly 1 in 5 Americans (48 million people) report they’ve done this – and according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), someone dies every 19 minutes from an overdose on this drug. Do you know what the fastest growing addiction in America is?
  5. The #1 Cause of Death in Addiction

    Roughly 100 Americans die of a drug overdose each day. 100 sons, daughters, neighbors, friends, moms, dads, brothers, and sisters. This year, more people in the United States died from overdoses than from car wrecks. But one thing occurs not only daily, but around the clock – and it’s deadly. It’s the number one cause of death in addiction.
  6. Confessions of a Drug Addiction Enabler

    One of our Vertava Health Facebook friends shared her personal story of marrying and living with her drug addicted husband. Her story was one of love, misguided love, enabling, and continued heartbreak. Her story is one that all too many people can relate to.
  7. One Of The Top Causes for Addiction Relapse

    The only thing more terrifying than seeing your loved one become addicted to drugs or alcohol, is the watch him or her slip back into their old behaviors after getting sober. While addiction relapse can be common – it doesn’t have to happen in order for someone to find success. We believe one of the top causes for addiction relapse is failure to take this one step.
  8. 6 Signs Your Loved One is Addicted to Prescription Pills

    OxyContin, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Xanax – the list goes on and on when it comes to prescription benzos and opioids. The average American often sees taking prescription drugs as perfectly normal and acceptable behavior. However, with roughly 20% of the U.S. populations using prescription drugs for recreational purposes, it’s crucial to know the signs of addiction your loved one may be showing.
  9. Top 3 Excuses of the Drug Addiction Enabler

    Enabling was a common topic for discussion on Vertava Health’ social media accounts this year. This blog spoke with a heavy hand of truth – truth that could knock down walls of fear and excuses that families often build around addiction. Written by one of our addiction treatment specialists in our call center, this blog breaks down the most common excuses we hear from family members of those addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  10. Do’s and Don’ts When a Loved One Comes Home from Rehab

    It’s one thing to help a loved one to get into treatment for drug or alcohol addiction – and another thing to learn how to live when he or she is home from rehab. After all, you’ve spent years of your life consumed by your family member’s addiction; his drug use, her drinking, the lies, the cheating. We explain the five things that every family member should do – and the five things every family member should avoid – when a loved one completes an addiction treatment program, and returns home for the first time.
  11. 4 Things Doctors Don’t Tell You About Prescription Painkillers

    Prescription painkillers overdoses are skyrocketing across our country. While no one ever sets out to become addicted to drugs, addiction often begins in the doctor’s office. Post-surgical procedures, chronic pain, and broken bones are often treated with prescription painkillers. Many people find themselves unsuspecting addicts after going to a trusted doctor. Before taking any prescription painkillers, you need to read this article.
  12. Addiction, Heartache and Mother’s Day

    While everyone in a family unit can be affected by addiction, it is sometimes the mom who carries the heaviest weight of heartbreak when her child is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Internationally recognized author Lorelie Rozzano spoke to mothers across the country to weigh in on what is was like to have an addicted son or daughter. The response was overwhelming.
  13. The Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make in the Addiction Recovery Process

    Written by Spring to Life’s CEO, Pastor Erik Hines, this article speaks directly to parents with an addicted son or daughter – and are faced with one of the most difficult seasons of life. Pastor Erik explains the missteps that family and parents make, despite their best intentions – and how to correct them. It’s a blog every parent needs to read.
  14. 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Get Clean and Sober

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Internationally recognized author Lorelie Rozzano says it’s time to do something about it. You don’t have to wake up tomorrow morning hurting, and hurting everyone that you love. You can feel happy and amazing without the drugs or alcohol. Here are 5 good reasons that right now is the right time.
  15. 7 Boundaries to Set When a Loved One is Addicted

    If addiction has run rampant in your family, chances are, boundaries have been weakened, broken, or altogether vanished. Without the proper boundaries when a loved one is addicted, you’re more likely to be cheated on, lied to, or stolen from. And your loved one is less likely to seek help for his or her addiction. Read the telltale signs that you need to set or strengthen boundaries – and the 7 most important ways to do so.
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