Types of Substance Abuse Counseling

A critical part of the long-term recovery process, different types of addiction counseling help patients address the issues, behaviors, and environmental factors that have contributed to substance abuse, and equip those struggling with addiction with the tools they need for successful recovery. At Vertava Health, we believe that each individual deserves healing and that their treatment must fit their particular challenges, not the other way around.


Part of our therapy program includes individual addiction counseling sessions. These sessions allow patients a safe, private environment where they can say and feel anything they want. Our individual sessions are designed to comfort the patient while addressing the specific pains and struggles they are experiencing. This allows us to teach coping skills, relationship-building strategies, rebuild self-confidence, and begin to change negative behaviors into positive outcomes.

Group Sessions

Often just called, “group,” group addiction counseling is a very powerful therapeutic method wherein clients are exposed to others that are struggling with similar challenges. Group sessions reinforce the notion that a patient is not alone or the only one with these problems.

Because patients tend to view their past transgressions negatively, they are often the last to forgive themselves for a life gone awry.  Group sessions help them discover that they can forgive others who are very similar to them, more easily than they can forgive themselves.

The Different Types of Addiction Counseling Can Help Patients:

  • Understand the root of their addiction
  • Re-learn how to trust
  • Learn how to regain the trust of loved ones
  • Understand forgiveness
  • Identify co-occurring mental illness
  • Teach life skills and responsibility
  • Inspire permanent life changes
  • Encourage permanent positive habits
  • Begin an authentic relationship with God
  • Restore confidence based on positive self-esteem and image
  • Achieve freedom from negative habits

There are many more benefits to individual and group addiction counseling.  Doesn’t that list look like something you or your loved one could use help with?  Give us a call today so we can get you started on the right road to recovery.

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