Therapy Is Key To A Successful Recovery

Addiction Campuses utilizes several proven therapies as part of drug abuse and addiction treatment. Our expert staff of clinicians, counselors, and therapists bring years of experience implementing various modalities like DBT, trauma therapy and adventure therapy to help individuals learn to rebuild self-worth, ask forgiveness, strengthen self-reliance, and develop healthy coping skills to live a life of sobriety. Our therapies include:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

We specialize in the full spectrum implementation of DBT. This proven addiction treatment therapy addresses self-destructive behaviors and focuses on strengthening one’s ability to regulate his or her emotions. Based on various goals and stages, DBT works to treat not only current drug addiction issues, but deep-rooted issues negatively affecting the client’s life.

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Trauma Therapy
Trauma disorders and addiction are closely linked, as many individuals turn to alcohol or other drugs to escape the pain of traumatic experiences. And just like addiction, anyone can experience trauma, which can be debilitating if left unresolved. Trauma therapy helps individuals rebuild trust and a sense of safety, address irrational thoughts and emotional triggers, and learn valuable coping skills to handle when the unexpected occurs.

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Effective therapy is core to a successful long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We encourage you to call or chat with our addiction specialists today for more information on the drug addiction therapy options we offer. Help is here at Addiction Campuses.

24 / 7 Substance Abuse Support Hotline: 1-888-614-2251

One year ago, my son took a huge step in the right direction as I dropped him off at Addiction Campuses of Tennessee, Spring 2 Life Campus. That decision will change his life and impact our family forever. We are eternally grateful to Addiction Campuses of Tennessee for helping turn our son around and get him started in a new life! We love our new family at ACTN!

—- Connie White, Mother of an ACTN Spring 2 Life Campus graduate